Please Critique~


Any advice anyone has about how I can record it better please throw it out there! I know nothing about recording.. especially when all I have to work with is an amp and a microphone plugged into my PC.

I was laying in bed just watching TV and the background tune just kinda flopped off of my fingers, so I decided I should play around with it a bit and see where it goes.

I will Critique as well! Thanks much!
i like it, but the recording is iffy. drums aren't so bad its just the guitar. try investing in a better mic such as a shure sm57 and get some mixer of some sort (no need to spend a lot of money on it). set up the mic at a good spot facing the speaker, and set up amp settings (your amp has to be pretty loud to get a good sound). then record into whatever program and then add eq, compression, and whatever else is needed.

i love your clean tone in slow jam by the way

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Well, I listened to both of them..

Slow Jam was a beautiful piece, I can really see it becoming a backround song for your family vacation tapes.. I liked the lick and the melody overall, the harmonies fit perfectly and the distortion guitar gave it a sweet and wholesome sound.. I like how simple it is yet great.. I don't you need to add anything more to it.. Just a cleaner recording and you're set

Now, I listened to Metjig as well and I have to say, that's some creative riffing, I like it a lot.. Keep it up man
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I have no idea which thread goes with which song (you may want to delete one, or label them with song titles), so I'll just crit both here.

Metjig - I like this one. The distorted tone is really fuzzy and could definitely stand to be worked on, but it's not unbearable the way it is. My favorite part by far is when the clean guitar comes in and the drums cut out around 1:10. The drums definitely sound programmed, but for a home recording it sounds pretty good.

Slow Jam - Also good. The clean guitar tone sounds much better than the distorted tone. Definitely try and clean up the distorted some more (just like I said for the last song), other than that it sound pretty good. Maybe the basic clean rhythm part could get changed up in some places. When it's on an endless loop it gets pretty repetitive.
This is a great jam, my favorite part was definitely the clean solo at the end. You know what you are doing musically, if you really want to make some good recordings, you should pick up a USB interface. They aren't too expensive (around $100-$150) and they make worlds of difference. With a good interface, even a cheap computer mic will sound decent when leveled properly. Check out the riffs and recordings main forum, or search around for some threads, and you will find plenty of good recommendations. Vegas is mostly for video editing I think, so you could check out a program called Reaper. It's a free audio editing program that actually rivals higher end software. I hope you continue to write and record more music, and I think you deserve a great sounding setup for your work. Keep it up!
I listened to Metjig, I really liked it and it's stuck in my head as I type.

The riffs were good, but I agree an interface would give you better quality recording.

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Thanks for checking out my song.

For what you're working with as far as recording equipment goes, it isn't all that bad of quality..definitely listenable.

I really like Slow Jam, the harmonics you hit in the middle of the riff sound great, as well as the whole intro riff itself. Definitely turn that into something more than just a jam song. Lead playing comes in sounding great, the lead line you hit at 0:46 in really sounds awesome, turn that into something as well for an actual song. The cool lead carries on throughout, nothing to critique about it really, I enjoyed the whole thing start to finish.

Metjig has a catchy intro and the riff at 0:26 is really cool. Really like the clean part that comes in around 1:15 and when the drums pick back up shortly after. Cool song.

For recording, check out the Recording forum here and make a post with your budget and what you're looking to do. A lot of knowledgeable people will help you out.