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11 44%
14 56%
Voters: 25.
Ohkay! So I've been wanting a 280z for a loong time, and I found one for $600 that actually runs! But, it's a 2+2, and I'm not so sure that I want that over the 2-seater. So, Pit, which one would you get, considering both looks and the 2+2's extra seats?


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What will 2 tiny extra seats buy you? I say go for the two seater.

EDIT: I changed my mind. The 2+2 looks better now that I look at them both.
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You could fit more guitars/gear into a 2+2, assuming this will be your primary mode of transport (if I had one - it would be!)
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I friggin love 280z's. Try and get those special headlights that sit flush with the body. My cheap dream car.

2 seater for plain old sexiness, 2+2 for pracitcality. Those two extra seats are invaluable.

Edit: like this without the lame body-kit.
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A baby blue 280z is my dream car. I voted 2 seater because I think they look slightly cooler, although I would probably getting the 2+2 for the practicality.