*= Screaming
()= Both singing and screaming


In your arms
I feel so alive
In your eyes
I see the true love shine

With you
I feel so complete
When we part
I feel emptiness rise in me

(I'm not too sure about this part...)
My once
Hollow heart
Has now been filled by you

*And every day
I wake with a smile on my face
Knowing that
I'm truly whole

These scars
A shallow reminder
of who I used to be*

I reach out
For you to hold me tightly *For you to never let go*
And in you
I see the feelings are so true *The feelings I never knew*

I block out
The voices in my head *that tempt my insecurities*
I only
open my ears for your voice *the voice that comforts me*

My once
Hollow heart
Has been filled in by you

*And every day
I wake with a smile on my face
Knowing that
I'm truly whole

And these scars
A shallow reminder
Of who I used to be

It feels like
So long ago
I was lost in this world

But now I'm
in the right direction
Under your guide*


(beneath your touch
I find peace
from this weary world)
Just a quick comment here, your lyrics are very generic.

There's nothing particularly outstanding about them, which makes it really hard for a reader to remember them, especially when there's nothing to focus on. Take a look around the forums more, if you don't get what I mean.

As someone I knew once said, "when everyone is going this way, you want to go that way."

But don't let that discourage you from writing more!

P.S, I took a look through your older works, and those were pretty damn good. Liked "color the night sky", wonderful imagery.
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