Poll: Which guitar do the new d-activators go in?
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Homemade Poplar ML
1 50%
epiphone explorer
1 50%
Voters: 2.
So guys heres the low down... I recently finished building and painting an ml, made of poplar, which I intend to use both as a Dime tribute and as a personal favorite (which is surely is).

At the moment it has an invader bridge and jazz neck, but I recently ordered some dimarzio d activator x's after hearing what a great thing they are for being articulate and brutal.

I also have an epiphone exlporer gothic that needs some new pickups, question is which tone wood is better for which pickup set.

D-activator x's and invader and jazz, poplar and maple... who will rise as the best? you decide

edit: My bad the ml is alder, i just blanked on the wood... too many late nighters
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well if you want the d-activator tone and the ML is your main "favorite guitar" then put one in the bridge and leave the jazz in the neck. And then'd id say see what the invader + D-activator sounds like in the explorer too.
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