hey guys i am one of the guitarists in Kneel, You Traitor. we are from Las Vegas \m/. we are hoping to get some kind of exposure/promotion/more friends/more plays/ and more people that like our music. if you guys could please send our link around and help us get adds/fans/etc. it would mean the world to us. the songs we have up at the moment are vocal-less demos. we are supposed to go to the studio soon to lay down 1-2 songs to start with. any help/feedback, or anything really would be much appreciated. thank you so much in advance guys.


please spread it around to anyone you know who likes our kinda tunes we will glady do the same for your band/project if you wish

thanks guys

IMO it sounds good, demo #2 sounds like something Bullet for My Valentine would put out.
F.A.T.E.-Forget About The Evil