ok i am really sick of this, my string bending is perfectly fine i have no problem bending to pitch and applying vibrato and such, but whenever i bend the high frets, about 22 to 24 range, the notes get cut short. if i just play the frets without bending its fine, the note sustains. it only happens when i bend, some help with this problem or ways to pinpoint whats going wrong would be greatly appreciated.
Is it a posibility that the action is set too low on the guitar? When i was setting my action, i found that i could not bend the higher frets if the action was too low.
the action is set about 6mm off the fretboard at the 24th fret and i have jumbo frets if that helps
Yeah, you will need to raise your action a little until this stops. This occurs more on a fretboard with more of a radius to it.