Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever bought an acoustic on ebay? I know it's pretty risky but this guitar I'm looking at isn't being made anymore and the seller has 100% feedback and has sold other acoustic guitars (but more expensive) with very positive feedback. The guitar I'm looking at will be 700 USD total.

Worst case scenario... I get it and don't like it, sell it for 400 if it's in bad condition (but looking at the numerous picture doesn't seem to be at all, has good action, bridge isn't f'ed up, few minor scratches for this vintage guitar but no cracks whatsoever) and my dad owes me $200 so I'm back to 600, I can live with a 100 dollar loss but if buying off ebay really is that bad I'll pass. I bought my amp off ebay and it was fine but amps and acoustics are different animals.

Thanks all!
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Every guitar i have bought on ebay has either been exactly as described, or slightly more scratched than advertised. Don't worry about it, if they have a decent number of positive feedback, s'all good.
100% pos feedback and the fact that it's discontinued means this is your best (and a pretty damned good) option. Do it and show us pictures!
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Haha alright if nobody on here changes my mind and it hasn't been taken, I'll order it tomorrow and try to upload some pron for you guys haha.
I am Jimmy. I have cracked the corn and nobody cares.