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Accept the Message - Very cool song, I like the guitar tone very much =) Cool vocals as well! love the solo~ Awesome tone. Strange techno shift at the end? Its really interesting, just far from what I expected.. Really cool all around - enjoyed the song very much.

Since Ive known you - Odd beat, tin can vocals. Its composed well, not my style of music though. Is there even a genre to describe it? Great distortion tone on the dive. Love the bass tone in the song. You really know how to record =) Awesome job all around on both songs, I really enjoyed them.

Please critique mine -
Accept the Message - eh, this song is okay. I'm a little out of my element since this isn't my genre, but I thought the vocals could use some work. Personally, I think the solo could be better, maybe work on the phrasing. Overall it's a decent song though.

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Hey aaron, thanks for your comment on my "bizarre" music. Your music is bizarre too.

Accept the Message - lol, the first few seconds reminded me of Beat It for some reason. Some parts of your song has that old goth punk sound, with your slow vocal style and the swirling guitar. I was hoping for more singing parts afterward but they didn't come. I like your voice! But you make up for it with awesome textures of synth sounds, and that nice blend of squealing guitar harmonics starting at 2:28.

Since I've Known You - again, has that goth post-punk sound: scratchy guitars, 'dark' vocal style, odd rhythm. Your style is good, I don't see much you could do to make it better... maybe get better drum sound since they don't sound real to me. But keep making more of this music!
Accept this message- Really like it. Reminds me a lot of the Trompe Le Monde album by the Pixies, very cool vibe. Kind of like a mesh between some of the old school mellow rock with a nice Alternative modern day edge. I like the vocals, they serve the purpose of the song. I like the song goes a long with the cool classic surf vibe.

Since Ive known You:

Along the same motif, I think theres a little too much effect on the vocals personally. The bass line is pretty catchy. Honestly these recording would be so much better with some real drums and or a better drum program. The vocals give me a Cure vibe, I really cant understand to much of what they are saying. I like the arrangement a lot though, very quirky.

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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Accept This Message - Like the overall feel and vibe of the song. The bass sounds really incomplete at times. The ascending and descending passages could've been made more interesting (wrong pick of notes). Timing is a bit off at times, but that gives it charm, at least for this genre! At 0:45 you could find better chords. At least the last of the three chords, which disappoints!

Since I've Known You - Timing is still a bit off at some places. Lacks technically on the guitar, your strumming sounds uneven. To be honest I didn't like the song, but it's not my kind of music. I'm not a fan of british classic rock like The Beatles, no offence! The melody sounds uninspired. It has potential though!
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I'm really liking this. I love the touches of psychedelia and surf everywhere, very 60's-ish. The techno shift in your first song was really sick. The minimalist solo was definitely inventive, you said alot with a couple notes lol. Maybe not my style or anyone elses on this sight, but I love it, it's unique. Overall, this is pretty awesome, I'd listen to your shit all day if it was mixed and made professionally. Keep it up!
Hey, thanks for the review

Accept the message is pretty cool

The music itself (guitar, bass, drums) sounds like classic iggy pop (the Idiot and Lust for life).

The vocals are pretty cool, very psychedelic.

I like the riff at 1:21.

The solo sounds like the dead kennedys. But maybe you should have donne a more powerful tone for this solo.

I don't like the effect after that. I think i sounds too synthetic for this song, which sounds very classic. After 2:30 the effect is pretty good, finally. Theres ust the first part of the effet that I didnt liked. If you know what i mean. :p

Otherwise, i really like rhythm guitar tone, it reminds me of spaghetti westerns music.
Accept the message -
Seems pretty cool, a bit mellow.. interesting guitar line, perhaps develop it a bit more through the verses, instead of doing this just in the chorus. Vocals are good, very psychedelic (as the previous poster said).
The tone on the guitar is very good, twangy - strat by any chance? I like this one very much, but it seems a bit short at the moment... is this just an idea, or a full song?

Since I've known you -
I like the drums very nice, distinctive feel to it. The bass complements the drum line very much, and vox are good again. One again that sixties, psychedelic sort of feel.
Guitars a cool here, but try to develop it a bit more again. I like pieces where they keep on building up to a huge 'finale', that would be good and keep the listener interested.

Thanks for the crit on my thread, keep up the good work!
Quite a retro sound here. For some reason it reminds a little bit of Interpol. Not really my genre but I can objectively say it's quite a well written tune. The drums sound a little too sampled for my liking but like I said it's not my genre so my knowledge is limited. I think with a little time, arrangement and a few embelishments you could come out with something special here.

If you find time please check out some of the tracks I have posted on my UG profile. Let me know when you have more stuff recorded and uploaded.

All the best !
Great songs.
They have that classic feel to them., definently could see these songs on the radio.

Thanks for checking out my song.

Accept the Message:
I really like the main riff throughout it. As stated above from others, it has a nice psychedelic sound to it. Love the tone you have at 1:22 and the lead playing coming out of it. Sounds awesome. Really well put together song. Vocals are nicely done as well. The drum track is kind of bland, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Keeps it simple and nice.

Since I've Known You:
Bass line is really cool. I really like how you have the effects you have on top of the vocals, adds a lot to the overall feel of the song. Again, really well put-together song, certainly has a distinct sound to it just as your other song did. Didn't enjoy it as much as Accept the Message - but it's still good. Maybe have a climax build-up for a big outro to the song?

How do you record bass? I've been trying to get a decent bass recording quality but everything I've tried just comes out sounding flat and bland.

Good work on both the songs.
That opening riff is so damn sexy. Definitely a post punk feel to this song. I can't really tell you what I'd change, as I like it as is, nor do I know what you were aiming for. I can say though, that the wailing guitar toward the end is so awesome that I was disappointed to not see an epic shred solo after the bends, I know it might've not fit in this context, but it would've have been nice!

That second song sounds kind of like the Pixies, you know them? They're awesome as well. The chorus vocals seem alittle uncertain of themselves, contrastly the verses are well done. That bass is epic. The lead guitar returns in this one with its alien bends and vibrato, and luckily I wasn't dissatisfied. Although it wasn't some crazy grungey solo, I still liked the added distortion, gave the song more color.

great stuff man, i'm a fan.

if you get a chance, stop by
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Thanks for checking out my song.

Accept the Message:
I really like the main riff throughout it. As stated above from others, it has a nice psychedelic sound to it. Love the tone you have at 1:22 and the lead playing coming out of it. Sounds awesome. Really well put together song. Vocals are nicely done as well. The drum track is kind of bland, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Keeps it simple and nice.

Since I've Known You:
Bass line is really cool. I really like how you have the effects you have on top of the vocals, adds a lot to the overall feel of the song. Again, really well put-together song, certainly has a distinct sound to it just as your other song did. Didn't enjoy it as much as Accept the Message - but it's still good. Maybe have a climax build-up for a big outro to the song?

How do you record bass? I've been trying to get a decent bass recording quality but everything I've tried just comes out sounding flat and bland.

Good work on both the songs.

If you cant get a good bass recording live, you can always use guitar pro to synthesize bass( if you know how to use it) if mixed with other tracks you wouldnt be able to tell that the bass is midi
Hey, I checked out both of em for ya-

Accept the Message:
The first thing that popped in my head was "come on feel the noise!!!" This seems like a strange mix of 80s/surf music, if that makes any sense. It's very straightforward but I think it works. The electronic sounds were unexpected but really help engage the listener. A bit spacey toward the end, I enjoyed this one. I don't think I'd change anything really, I like it simple.

Since I've Known You:
Immediately this song seems to follow a strange scale. I'm not sure I like the melody or pitch of the vox, it doesn't sound quite right to me. Once the guitar kicks in with the whammy, I like the interlude you have there. Short and simple song, I definitely found Accept to be the more enjoyable of the two though.

I like how you blended different genres and even electronic sounds to create what you have here. Keep it up, and good luck with all of your future work!
Accept the Message; I like the guitar sounds in it, makes it sound (like above) sorta 80's/surf ish :P Solid bass work throughout too. Very cool vocal lines :P Definitely liked the spacey parts after the middle and towards the end, it fit really nice in my ears. Good song overall, not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed it still =D

Since I've Known You: The drums made me smile haha. Again solid bass work. Guitar work is cool and I like the overdriver guitar that comes in towards the end. You've got sorta just the right sound in the guitar for that type of music if that makes sense. I like it :P Liked the vocal lines in Accept the Message better, had a better flow to them in my ears.

Keep doing what you're doing, it's good stuff =D
Well I wish I would've read your comments cause I wouldn't have critiqued accept the message. BTW thanks for the advice cause I never take off the reverb on presets. I was thinking the cure most of the song which is ok. very new age gothy if that's what ur into. I would've liked to hear an outro solo and a more prominent second guitar.
Accept The Message: When I heard the opening drums, I was expecting to hear "Come on feel the noise!"

I really like the song. The solo guitar section kinda goes from a James Bond-esque spy sounding guitar to a surf rock sound and I really like it. I also really liked the psychedelic sounding ending.

Since I've Known You: The effect on the vocals sounds really cool. I also really like the bass line. The overdriven guitar part is also a nice touch. I personally prefer Accept The Message though.

Both songs are very well written and I enjoyed them both. My song's not at all similar to your style, but could you possibly review mine?
Thank you for listening & for your compliments & comments!

Thank you for listening & for responding!

Thank you for listening & for all of your comments! Glad you liked the vocals!

I appreciate all of your comments!!

Thank you for listening & replying!

Thank you for all of the kind words!!

Thank you for checking out my music! I appreciate the comments!

I don't own a Strat: I got that tone by picking extremely close to the bridge & using Fender amp model (from a PodXT). My guitar is a Yamaha SBG1300TS (a Gibson copy). Thank you for all of your comments!!

Thank you for listening & responding!

Thank you for the kind words!

I really appreciate the compliments!!

Thank you for all of the comments!!

On "Accept the Message" I used a Yamaha 260RBX bass and a Line 6 Bass PodXT. Thank you for all of your review!

I really appreciate all of the kind words & comments!!

Thank you for the critique, I appreciate it!!

The Cure is one of my favorites, so I'll take that as a compliment! Glad I was able to help you.

Thank you for checking out the tunes & responding!!
Accept the Message is awesome, it reminds me a lot of driving around with my mom, who's really big into 80's alternative, and the synth part reminds me a lot of the Mid-Late 80's style that Rush was in (But with more technical drumming patterns in Rush). Quite ambient at times.

Since I've known you - The vocals are awesomoe, whats the combination of effects you use it, it sounds pretty reverb wet. This one's a bit more up my alley than my mom's.

If you could take a listen to mine, there are two of them that are originals now.

Thank you very much for listening and for the compliments & comments! For "Since I've Known You" vocals: actually there is no reverb (lots of delay). Mic > dbx163x compressor/limiter>Roland VS-880 Hard Disc Recorder/VS8F-1 effects: which include 2 different delays, a bit of chorus, could be a bit of pitch shifting/harmonizing, and more compression. I read awhile ago that a Coldplay song has 6 levels of compression on some of the vocals. I guess that sounds different than squashing once hard with one compressor. I have done 3 levels of compression on vocals on a number of occasions (Antares AVP-1 compressor being the third).
On Accept The Message,

I like the tone, but it makes it obvious that the guitars are out of time with each other. I like how the song moves along though, and I like the vocal melody a lot. I love the reverb you use.

Since I've Know You is very different than anything I've ever heard. I think it'll stick with me because of that. I don't really know what to say because I've never heard anything like this. I do like the whammy bar guitar that comes in. That's so awesome! The overall structure of this song is so awesome and unique. I actually listened to it a few times and I love how different it is. I once again love the reverb or echo that you are using. Really awesome.
Hey thanks for the review! Let's see, on "Accept the Message" that's some pretty cool alt rock stuff going on with the synth and the vocal style. Cool stuff overall. "Since I've Known You" seems to have a really indie vibe to it. Very dissonant at times, but dissonance isn't always bad sounding. Keep up the creativity!
hey man sorry it took me so long!


Accept the Message- I enjoy the melodies to a certain extent though it's very Interpolish which is not really my style but i can dig it. and I personally enjoy the last half of the song much more than the first half. Just more my style I guess, but all the synth and layers and ideas going in the last half are really interesting, but I understand the first half is more the catchy vocal melody section basically. not bad.

Since I've Known You- I'd probably say I enjoy the melodies here more than the first though I wish your vocals had a tad more control to them, but that will come with time, more practice etc. could just be the style you're goin for. very retro in general. and I love the Pink Floyd'ish breakdown instrumental part at about 1:40, really enjoy that.

So ya my critiques would be with some more vocal control, production/polish these tracks could really be somethin people would listen to.

Also wanted to say that i liked how you commented a lot on the vocal melodies in your critique of my music, because no one seems to do that, but to me they can make or break a song, so it's nice to see someone elses head is there too.
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
Accept the message, this is an interesting track, you don't use much gain, which I was not expecting from a UG'er, it was really cool, everything sounds good, and it's played really tight.

Since I've known you, This was another interesting track, it reminds me of the B-52's playing style, then the high gain guitars near the end, that really makes the song, cause you don't ever expect it, so it's like, woah, that was intense. Good song man.

Thanks for the crit.

Accept the message: I like the song, not nessecarily the engineering. The bass needs E'Qing and better compression and the snare sounds really bad, too 80's and harsh. I like the vocals though, different. And I really like where the whole piece goes in the end.

Since I've known You: I much prefer this one, at first it reminded me of early Feeder for some reason but that quickly fades. The drums again sound very 80's due to that heavy reverb on the snare but it works better this time and sounds more deliberate. Maybe putting the vocals through two delays may have been a bad idea because it makes it a bit muddy. Maybe take one off and EQ the delay's output to cut some of the mud out, Otherwise again I really like the vocals, really nicely compressed.

All in all, good stuff, interesting and different, I especially like the tone of voice.
Accept the Message: really like the surfer-billy-punk vibe you had going there, and the synth blend at the end was pretty cool. Personally, I kinda hoped there'd be more vocals, but that's just me. It's a good instrumental section, with lots of variety, so I can't really add anything.

Since I've Known You: A really haunting song. I was expecting something a little on the innocent side, but you managed to make it a dark, sleazy song. Big fan of the bass being so prominent in the mix, and I like the vocal effect. Maybe rework the guitar you have going over the bass mix a bit though. The "i want you" part is perfect, but the bit before that should probably have some different tone choices. This all just my opinion though; if you're happy with it, then no problems!

All in all, two very enjoyable listens, good work!

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I loved Accept The Message, great 80's/Surf feel and overall fun listen. The techno part at the end was well accepted by me, since I love electronic music anyway :P The solo was a refreshing. Also very nice bass lines.

Now for Since I've Known You, I thought the effects on the vocals were okay, but everything sounded nice anyway. I definitely enjoyed Accept The Message more. Same here with the bass lines, they sounded solid

I listened to accept this message and it sounded great. I really like how you have your own style that you like and don't play whatever is popular. the surfing vibe is very cool and definately rocks. also, the synth sounds at the end were totally tripping me out by the way. something you could improve on is adding better drums to the song. I didn't care for them much. c4c?
Thank you for listening & for all of your comments! The reverb I used on the guitar is from the PodXT for "Accept the Message". All the reverbs & delays on "Since I've Known You" are from the Roland VS-880's VS8F-1 effects unit.

I appreciate all of your comments!

Thank you for listening & for your review!

Thank you for listening & commenting!

Thank you for all of the compliments!!

I appreciate the listen & all of your response!

Schmiffty5 & Veido,
Thank you for listening & for your review! It may surprise you that the pulsating/panning synth-like sound is guitar going through an AdrenaLinn on "Accept the Message".

Thank you for the compliments! In the future, I'll have Superior Drummer 2 for drums, so the drums should sound better then.
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Accept the message - I enjoyed the song, particularly the guitar tones, but i was a bit caught by surprise at 1:48 when it began to get a bit psychedelic (im not saying its a bad thing). The guitar harmonics toward the end fit very and id say a pretty great song!

Since I've Known You - The guitar at the start realllly reminded me of the b52's, then thinnish almost surfy twang guitar tone. The singing is very original though, maybe the bass line could do with some variety though? I definitely preferred Accept the Message, but through and through, its a still a good song.

Ps. Thanks for your crit!
Accept the Message - Pretty good, not really my stuff but good nonetheless! Your singing is awesome though, reminds me a bit of pink floyd for some reason! The ending synths were a great addition!

Since I've Known You - First thing I noticed is that it started almost the same as the previous song (the drums, that is). Pretty cool bassline. Again the singing is awesome, pretty good guitar tone too!

Accept the Message was better IMO, but both songs are still well written!

Thanks for your crit by the way!
accept the message is a really cool trippy song, i really like it. the solo could maybe use some work though. it all flowed quite nicely though, which some people have some trouble doing right.

Since i've known you is a pretty solid song too, but i prefer accept the message.

If you could check out the song on my profile called song 19, or just look in my thread and let me know what you think that would be fantastic.
Thank you for responding! The B-52's are one of my favorite groups.

Thank you for your comments! I am surprised you thought my vocals sound like Pink Floyd, but I will take that as a compliment! "Since I've Known You" uses a Roland VS8F-1 for all effects & amp models.

Thank you for listening & replying!
"Accept the Message"-my favorite out of the two by far,it exactly what it supposed to sound like a classic rock track...really brings you back a few decades as far as sounds are concerned which sounds very good.

"Since I've Known You"-I also liked this very 90's alternative sounding which is in my top 3 favorite era's of rock music

If you can check out my music thread that would be great,let me know what you think..most of it is metal..thnx
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Accept the Message -- Loved the whole vibe of the song, I was getting a classic surf rock feel. The bridge is fun, kind of trippy. Good mix quality, though the vocals feel a little bit washed out and not quite as vibrant as they could be. When I first heard the drums I thought it was going to be distracting but it ended up working when everything was settled in. Good stuff!

Since I've Known You -- There are a few things going on with the vocal phrasing and a few pitch issues here and there that I noticed right after the bat. However, when it got into the wacky guitar line and bridge I pretty much forgot about it. I think the bridge was my favorite part; it felt like it could fit well into a movie. In a few places the guitar and bass don't quite mesh on the attack -- especially towards the end. But it's a great start!
Cheers for the crit. Listened to Accept the Message. Pretty cool- the vocals are very good. Reminds me of something but can't quite place it. anyway, the song is well written and structured. I like the guitars and think you vary them at the right moment to keep the song interesting. Your noodling reminds me of Pixies, very cool.
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