Hey guys, a few weeks ago I formed a band with a few pals for some summer entertainment and fun. The closest thing I could use to describe our sound is some kind of funk variant, vaguely early RHCP reminiscent. I'm currently running a Schecter S-1 Elite through a Peavey Classic 50 and while I like my Schecter, its really more of a metal guitar than a funky guitar and I'm looking for a new guitar to compliment it. Frusciante is one of my favorite guitarists and afaik he's used a Fender Strat for years, so the Strat has obviously crossed my mind, however, I'm interested in seeing what other recommendations people have. I'm also a big John Mayer fan (yet another Strat user), so I want something that can handle the range between smooth cleans to a little bit of dirt when jamming on a heavy funk riff.

So...Strat or Tele? Would a Jaguar/Jazzmaster work for this? G&L or Fender? Other random guitars I'm not familiar with?

My price range would probably be ~1000-1500$ maximum
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Marketers and advertisers gear certain guitars toward certain genres, the truth of the matter is it is all in your hands, and amp.

Your guitar can be used to play anything depending on whos hands you put it in.

I am unfamiliar with your amp but I know to get funk tones on guitars with two humbucker configurations I usually place in the middle position and mess around with the EQ on the amp.

A wah pedal is also quite useful for funk. Frusciante uses them often.
try a mustang. ive liked those for funk
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Operator determines the style not the guitar which is just a tool to make music. If you can get a good tone out of what you have then use that if not go for a Strat or other single coil pick up guitar.

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The quack you get from positions 2 and 4 on the Strat is what is most commonly used for funk. So just getting an MiA Fender Strat would be half the battle. I'm also quite a fan of using a Tele for funk, in the middle position. That's more of a personal choice though, rather than standard wisdom, so you should probably decide for yourself there.

Also, just EQ your arm with more mids and treble and knock back the bass a bit. Funk city.
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Cool, thanks guys. Is anyone familiar with G&L guitars and how their strat versions stack up against the traditional fenders?
any fender...maybe not a jazzmaster

but strats, teles, mustangs and jaguars should do
Strats were definitely used for a reason. But for originality, I would use the more obscure Fenders like the Jazzmaster (amazing), Jaguar, Mustang, or Jag-Stang. A tele would work too. Really any maple neck-alder body guitar with single coils will do.

^G&L is great from what I've heard. Some say it's better, some say it's different. Worth a shot trying it, as I've heard mostly good things about them.
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Cool, thanks guys. Is anyone familiar with G&L guitars and how their strat versions stack up against the traditional fenders?

im quite familiar with G&L's and they are certainly better than traditional fenders. this, however, is a subjective comment based on the fact that G&L's are different from the fenders and I rather like how they differ, but thats just me. they are for a fact different than fenders, but you really need to play them to choose.

as far as the suggestion that you can play any genre with any guitar, its true to an extent. yes, you can play any genre on pretty well any guitar (okay, no death metal out of a vintage gibson hollow). however, that is not to say its going to sound good. quite simply, some guitars are better suited to certain genres because of their playability (super flat necks usually dont support massive bends while rounder fingerboards generally arent as good for shred), pickups and sound (referring to the acoustics of the wood). your shecter could be good enough, but thats really a stretch

i toatally agree with your inclination to go with one of the classic fender designs. single coils are definately the go to for funk because of their "bell-like" quality. Definately try out the fenders you've mentioned (through an amp like yours!!!!) along with:
G&L ASAT Classic- a G&L tele, but the middle position is a very convincing strat tone
G&L SC-2- a bit different than any fender...
G&L S500- couple more pickup combinations than a strat
Music Man Albert Lee- different but awesome
Richmond Dorchester- alumatone pickups have a really cool sound that I havent heard from other pickups and the guitar is really unique

hope this helps!
If you like John Mayer / J-Fresh then the obvious choice is a Strat.

Early RHCP was Hillel Slovak who used a strat (why John started using them).

I like to use my Jaguar for funk as well. Tele's are fine but I would recommend going for the Strat. When it comes to nailing the tone of your fave musicians looking at what they use and copying is a wise move in recreating their tone.

While you can't go wrong with any of the Fenders I've mentioned for funk, John Mayer is a bit different and you'll need the punch and quack of the strat (compared to the others) which you won't get so much with the Jag or the Tele.
Curtis Mayfield played a Strat. That should be reason enough to choose one.

The G&L guitars are very good. The quality of the American G&Ls is every bit as good as that of Fender (not surprising since Leo Fender created both companies). The G&L guitars usually employ pickups that are somewhat unlike those used on most other guitars, so they have their own distinctive sound.
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