hey guys.
so i got an Epiphone Dot the other day, and i love it. The neck pup is great, it gives off a very deep, dark dirty/gritty sound, although sometimes can be muddy. I'm not a huge fan of the bridge pup though, it seems very harsh and trebley for my liking.
anyway, my point is - any advice on pup upgrades? I've heard that Gibson Dirty Fingers pups are good for getting a deep gritty sound without being too muddy, would this be a good idea?
also, how complicated are they to install? The Dot has humbuckers, and since it is a 335 style guitar and i'm not very experienced at this kinda stuff it may be a bit too hard to do myself..
i love all my blues (John Lee Hooker, BB King, SRV, Hendrix) as well as my rock (The White Stripes, The Black Keys, AC/DC, Led Zep) and would probably be aiming more for the rock area tonewise, if that's at all any help?
2009 Epiphone Dot Natural
Vox VT100 Valvetronix
The Dirty Fingers sound good with some distortion, but i've heard the cleans leave some to be desired. Check out Seymour Duncan pups, maybe a JB-4 or a Pearly Gates in the bridge. You may want to have a technician install the pickup if you've never changed pickups before, since it is a thinline; the last time we pulled the pups out of my brother's dot it turned into one hell of an ordeal to get everything reinstalled. Then again, there was a certain amount of inexperience going that time. It's not as simple as installing pickups in a solidbody; you'll need to solder almost everything together outside the guitar, and then work through the f-holes to reinstall everything. It's not a big deal, but the first time can be a little overwhelming.
thanks for the help, i'll check them out.
at the moment i'm looking at some SH-1 '59s, they're looking pretty good..
i'm finding myself using my neck pup for most of my blues work, so if i replace this one it'll most likely be used for rock. i just really dislike the thin trebley tone i'm getting at the moment.

anyway, thanks, you've got me on the right track.
2009 Epiphone Dot Natural
Vox VT100 Valvetronix