So I'm going to a GC in a couple weeks, (I live in Canada, so I can't get cheap Pups here nor other music supplies, only orange amps for a good price, because L&M is nice.)
And I'm thinking about getting a coupla Pedals, I might be running it through a Peavey 150W Pre and Power amp (Both SS, sound good actually, main use is not just for guitar, but all around instruments and mics.) and i'm wondering, what pedals should I get? I'm getting Evo's or something like that, maybe a Fred, or a Liquifire. And I have about 120$ to burn and I'm wonderin what should I get? I already got a Danlectro Cool Cat Distortion, and a Crybaby Wah, I'm thinking about getting a compresser/Sustainer and a Fish and Chips EQ. It would substancially help, but also I might run it through a friends Super Champ XD with a Metal Zone.
Any distortion pedal I should get, any different EQ's I should get?
Thanks for any help, and just a side note...

On craigslist there's a guy selling a fred, and a D-Activaitor for 30-40$ and maybe I should get it, I donno, but would there Fred be good enough to play Dream Theater, Metallica, Vai and satches stuff? Or should I not get it and get my Evo's? (I will save money buying the Fred.)

Any help is welcome.
A FRED, I've never used.
Liquifire is what Petrucci uses in the neck position of his guitars. I love them.
D-activator is a passive design made to imitate an active pup.

Try DiMarzio's pickup picking thing?

EDIT: Forgot to comment on Evo's! They're great for shred, but I wouldn't recommend them for rhythm or a lot of chugging.
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Well, i tend to use the Neck Pup in guitars for soloing, so say if i wanted to play For The Love Of God, I'd use a neck pup, but if I wanted to play tight low, chugging something around regular JP riffs then I'd use a bridge Pup, and If they can't fit my styles, I'd use the mid single coil.
And I'm not very good at soloing, and don't do all that Steve Vai stuff, so now I think that the Evo's arn't right for me...
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And I'm not very good at soloing, and don't do all that Steve Vai stuff, so now I think that the Evo's arn't right for me...

Which is why you're saving up for Steve Vai's signature amp, and talk about playing 'For the Love of God'.

Have you thought about a delay pedal?
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Well, the only delay I would look into is the Time Zone, because it is HIGHLY amazing in what it can do, haven't found much others like it... And a reverb could be nice instead, I'm not too sure, and Ive narrowed down, DiMarzio wants me to get a D Activator and Liquifire. After narrowing all of there search results for a new Pup.
And I like the sound of Steve Vai's stuff, but I don't want to sound exactly like him, but he has very nice cleans and distortion, and For The Love Of God, that was an example, because lots of that song is soloing, with a neck(ish) pickup.
Well Moving on then...