Since I finished my first build slash since half way through my first build Ive wanted to do another so heres what Im thinking.

7 string (not gonna change)
cross between firebird and explorer ( or an ML, they're pretty too)
Mahogany body with a quilted maple top(not set in stone at all, everytime I see pretty new wood I change my mind but generally come back to this)
5 piece flame/something/flame/something/flame neck (need to find the something wood)
two humbucker(need help with deciding these)
Trying to decide between a hardtail ToM and trem(if ToM shoudl I go string through or tailpiece?)
Also would it be better to get locking tuners?
Also thoughts on stains/paint/finish?

I need to plan all this out so I know how much money Im going to be dumping into it.
Well, I say that for the top, you should get a Tamo veneer, also called Japanese Ash, it looks really cool, especially the peanut figured stuff.

For the neck, I'd say use wenge as the other wood.

usually locking tuners are pretty useful

And I say maybe just a natural stain, or if you get some really trippy figuring, go for a 3-d blueish finish.


You would just get a bigger piece of wood and carve the angle profile into it. If you mean, how to find it, there are various Neck angle calculators out there, and Perry Ormsby had a method if you can find it.

Or you could just recess the TOM to a better height so you don't have to worry about a neck angle.


So for simplicities sake Ive decided to just make it a gibby Explorer. This decision was also influenced by me obtaining some schematics for one lol.

Is it possible to just modify the neck on the plans to go from 6 to 7 string? Like just make it wider? Also would there be any problems with scale length? Its 24.75 in.

Also could anyone give me some neck measurements for a "standard" 7 string sized neck?
For the "other" wood, I'd say go dark. If you have a high budget Wenge is cool, but (atleast at my lumber yard) its expensive as HELL, so a cheaper option could be Walnut. As for the TOM vs trem, would you use the trem much? If not then I'd say go for a recessed hardtail (I hate ****ing with neck angles), otherwise I'm pretty sure you can get a 7 string floyd from Warmoth for like $200ish. If you go with a TOM I'd get locking tuners but IMO it's wasted money if you have a floyd, they lock at the nut anyway. As for color, I'm always a sucker for a dark blue or red quilted maple top, but I also have some figured Walnut that looks pretty bitchin. Zebra wood is another cool one that I would love to use, just can't think of a time it would look as sweet as I'd think it would.
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Damn, zebrawood looks pretty awesome. Would Flame maple be strong enough to do a one piece neck neck thru? I recently saw a one piece and it looked amazing, and I figure its less work than a 5 piece.

One piece flame maple neck, neck thru or set neck?