I traded my xbox for a stratocaster since i play PS3 more and wanted my friend to teach me to play. Yeah i got a decent deal because the guy had two of these same guitars expect the other was modded pretty looking and pick ups or whatever. Was very pretty though his knobs and screws where all stainless steel gold. But the only thing wrong with my guitar is the screws some how rusted just a tee bit somehow but no body damage or scratches. And the first day i let my friend tune it, it broke the string i forgot which the 2nd from the bottom I'm still a super noob and can't even remember the low and high E yet but I'm now getting to know the fretboard and remembering all the strings.

Its Midnight wine with a Rosewood fingerboard





I'm going to order a amp shortly and can't wait to join the community
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Good trade, what kind of music are you interested in playing? We can suggest good amps for that.
Excellent trade! Good lookin' guitar there too.

Do you have a budget for an amp?

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Excellent trade! Good lookin' guitar there too.

Do you have a budget for an amp?

ha ha hell yeah im unemployed the effin longest not even funny lol i need the cheapest best amp to replica pink floyd lol any recommendations?
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Nice guitar dude, great trade, I'm digging the metallic finish too
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How much of a difference should a beginner start with on a 1st amp trying to make floyd tunes lol people already tell me a MIM for a first guitar is really good i wish it was American though. lol

Id need 200.00 under shipped

I don't want to be to much of a cheapo though and very noobish at this my friend that plays and did work with bands here in FL won't help me to much. I can get him to tune my guitar and what not but other then that he is going to give me like a couple lessons on reading tab and playing and that's it. The rest i depend on the community I'm fairly faithful to spending time and learning what i need to.

Other then that an example of my budget is i still need a strap lol and when not using my fingers my pick is the plastic piece from a bag of bagels lol.
Thanks for the quick responses to any other guitar forum ive been on so far was not as active lol

And if anyone wants to make it any easier on me, similar amps i can get off amazon.com being as i have some money on there lol
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