Most times while I am recording in cubase during the middle of my take I get this loud high pitched beeping/buzzing noise. It messes up my whole take cause It stops the audio for a second and keeps my recording going. How do I fix this? By the way I'm recording audio not midi have a zoom zfx control package with the latency at 2ms and have 2 gigs of ram on windows xp
How long has it been since you've reformatted? It could be that the hard drive is a little messed up and could use a clean install or repair.

1 - Try putting the XP disk in and going a repair
If that doesn't work:
2 - buy and run a program called SpinRite ($90) or buy a new hard drive and do a clean install of either XP or W7 on it.

If all of that doesn't work, you may be running a computer that's too slow. Be sure you are at at least the stated specs of the software.

Also don't rule out the possibility that the computer may be infected with some kind of virus. I tend to format yearly to keep up to speed and keep my system running clean because Windows gets infected way too easily no matter what you do.