I was wondering about plugging my POD UX2 into my bugera 6262 to see what it sounds like.

Could i say plug the guitar into the POD, then from the monitor out of the POD into the input of the bugera?

Or into the FX loop? Anyone know anything about this?

I want to try mess around with a few different tones on the UX2 since i got it working alright again and i don't have any pedals I want to use some from the UX2 (chorus delay etc)
Use the FX loop out into the Normal input. It's what I use. It works perfectly. You'll need cabinet impulses though as you'll record the dry head of the sound (which sounds like crap!).
So FX loop of the amp, into the normal input of the POD UX2 correct?
Cool, Haven't got my 6262 back yet but was wondering so i can test it out when i get it back,

Do i need to do anything inside pod farm? Or do i just simply need to drag the effects i want and use them as if they were pedals? (can toggle them off using the FX loop switch on the foot pedal of the bugera)
Don't want to bump but got my 6262 back today, i posted in the bugera thread but i'd thought i'd post back here,

What do i need to do this exactly?

Speaker cables?, Do i need to run one from the FX out, into the instrument section of the UX2, then one from the monitor out of the UX2 into the FX return of the amp?