I just finished this instrumental, I spent a lot of time on it. I composed everything in guitar pro first and then recorded it. There is a lot to take in here, with 6 guitar tracks (2 rhythm, both double tracked, 2 lead) bass and drums, reaper was crashing due to reaching critical mass

Check it out and let me know what you think, I will C4C!

A few seconds in. I like it already. I love the lead harmonies. The twin solos are good. Overall the composition is really enjoyable. I didn't like the drums that much, mostly because of the volume, they're too low in the mix.

Anyway, it's very good. I like it. Checking out your other stuff now.

C4C? Link in sig.
loved it.

i always wanted to write memorable melodic leads and
this track pretty much is a perfect example

well done

and cookies. i LOVE cookies.
Wow.. That was awesome - Very fun. Gave it a like on youtube. The drums are quite quiet - except the bass drum. But man those guitar parts are very fun! @2:24 - My favorite part, awesome guitar work (throughout the whole song, but showcased so well well here) @3:21 - And the solo is over, kinda wish it would have kept going but alas it is over.

Fantastic composition, good recording, I would like to hear a different ending though instead of the sports center theme.. Love the song - Its just how it ends that Im not thrilled with, I think it needs a quick scale climb and a high note bend to end it.

C4C? aside from sound quality - I know its terrible, I have no equipment to record with.


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I like this, it definitely has that old school thrash vibe but also has this melodeath thing going on here. I like how the leads are actually incorporated into the composition and not as a showcase for technique. The drums are a bit dry imo, I'd put a little bit of reverb, it will def contribute to the old school sound even more. Good song, I don't think I'd change anything besides adding some fx to drums.

I got a new one up on my page if you wanna listen, it's called Secrets Beneath Sands and Above Clouds.
Great stuff! Twin leads are great. Cool tone, good mix. I'm not a fan of your vibrato, and some of the notes would've sounded better by sliding instead of bending, in my opinion. Some of the leads sounds very uninspired, scales up and down.

Sounds great though, good listen! Keep it up!


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