check out my profile music, the last one called the lords prayer is something i worked on today, tell me what u think, as always c4c

i recorded all instruments on garage band myself

Iceman w/ emgs
fender fmdsp65
Boss MetalZone
Fender Cybertwin
Epi LP plus top
Zoom gfx4
Death metal (sounds amazing through bass amp)
ibanez weeping demon
Its fun, but not a fan of any religion in songs =X

Aside from the lyrics I love the song.. @1:11 fun riff @1:19 seems a misplaced note rang. @2:26 Love the bass =) That was a very fun run. Great musical composition to the song.

Overall I liked it alot, I would like to hear it with some singing instead of praying lol. Kind of has a alice in chains feel to it IMO. Really like it.