I need help choosing a cabinet. I've played on a 4X10, and a 1X15 at Guitar center the other day, and neither gave me the response that I really wanted. The 4X10 was too trebly for my taste, and the 1X15 had horrendous highs. I also played through an 8X10 and it was the sound I was looking for. Boomy but with clear mids and highs. However, I don't have that kind of money so I've been looking at 12's and I'm quite interested.

My question is, with I get a boomy bass response with 12 inch speakers similar to a 15, as well as clear highs similar to the 4X10?
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You'd get the highs not quite as clear as the 10's, and the lows not quite as boomy as the 15's. But you would get some sort of inbetween sound...
Sounds to me like you played through a bad 1x15.

I've never had any trouble getting the clarity I need out of mine, and I really value my top end.

I guess it depends what Bass you play through it though. I find my P-bass (which is naturally deeper) sounds better through a 4x12, where-as my Jazz bass (which places more emphasis on the top end) sounds better through a 1x15.