Hi all,

I recently discovered that my steel-string acoustic guitar has been damaged from the cold and damp in our new house. It has probably suffered about 3 months worth of cold and damp while in its soft case in my bedroom and the action has gone from amazingly low and playable to really dreadful. Unfortunately I have been battling with RSI and haven't been able to play so this gradual warping has gone unnoticed.

I currently have sat it in the lounge with a dehumidifier and warmer conditions, and was wondering if I should leave it in tune or loosen the strings while trying to 'dry' the wood. I'm not sure if leaving the strings tight will prevent the neck from bending back.

Any help from personal experience or otherwise would be much appreciated! The guitar is a Cort SFX-1F NS.

Thanks so much!

EDIT: never mind that, looked it up, no truss rod.
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