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So, the last few weeks I found my playing rather.. boring; my soloing that is. My playing really resolves around the minor pentatonic scale with from time to time some major thrown into it. I want to expand my playing, make it more interesting for myself, more experimental. I was thinking of.. maybe throwing in some jazz licks or phrygian(spelling?) stuff? So I was wondering if you guys could not only tell me how to achieve this, but maybe give me some licks to start out with as well.


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Think more about the sounds you want to hear and experiment with your guitar trying to figure out where to find them - that's ultimately what you HAVE to do.

Improving your scale knowledge is going to help have because it'll give you a better idea of how different things sounds but scales aren't really your problem. Learning new scales doesn't change the notes that are available to you, they're all there already. What it will do is give you groups of intervals, and when you get down to it that's all playing a melody is - stringing intervals together to make something interesting. The more scales you're familiar with the more familiar you are with different intervals in different sequences giving you more to draw on. The guitar only does what you tell it, if you keep playing the same things it'll keep sounding the same.

Don't just blindly move your fingers through shapes, actively listen to what you're playing and if you don't like it then do something different
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everything seagull just said and also be sure to throw in notes outside of the scale if you don't already and just experiment and try skipping strings so it doesn't sound like your just going around the scale
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If you know the pentatonic scale well enough, it's time to graduate and learn the diatonic scale.

Search for it anywhere, the diatonic scale is a 7-tone scale as opposed to the 5-tone pentatonic scale. The scales are the same except for the fact that the diatonic scale includes the 4th degree and the 7th degree, which the pentatonic scale leaves out. Fretboard Logic would be a good read for you, as would Guitar Grimoire: Scales and Modes
As Stoneshaker said, time to get the diatonics going! This will really expand your scale knowledge, and direct you to learning the Jazz stuff you mentioned. Also, if you haven't already, learn your chord theory. This will help you know which notes to hit, when, and why.
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