one last breath (creed)
my hero acoustic (foo fighters)

this is kinda an example of what i like
I'm gona say what i said in a previous thread

If you're male, learn to sing and play to a womens voice. If you're female, learn to sing and play to a mans voice.

It helps you develop YOUR voice - and without that your tone sucks.

To start with, do more simple songs, possibly slower. Start with chordy songs - or songs you know 100%
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I don't think singing to the opposite genders voice matters- you should be singing in key to the song. If there are any songs you already know and can play through easily, those are the best to start off with. If you know a song where you can pay minimal attention to what you're doing on the guitar, it allows you to focus on your vocals more.

If you want to get creative, write your own song. Take a few chords, put them into a simple rhythm pattern and make up your own melody and lyrics.
its been a while - staind
here without you - three doors down
santeria - sublime

just a few off my playlist i have for shows.
just play what you like, and play songs you sing along with on the radio.

EDIT: in my opinion, its hard to find a song that wouldnt sound good played acoustic.
as long as your a good musician, and you know your instrument, you can play anything.

i play an (not 100% complete) acoustic version of carrion by parkway drive. no screaming, i wrote a melody for it and its f***in EPIC.
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