So my band recorded our first song ourselves (the works), the song is on my profile it's called "Boarding The Titanic"... This is electrocore NOT heavy metal, so your expecting breakdowns rather than solos, I do the clean vocals and guitars. My voice is autotuned purposefully for the electro feel, if you are not into this kinda music and dont appreciate the style don't rip us to shreds. we wanna be different, be open minded we dont have a band name yet we just enjoy doing what we do
Hope you dig it..... sorta lol

Listened to your song, vocals are very fun, seems a bit on the quiet side though. Very fun guitar work as well, really enjoyed it. Good drummer sits in the pocket real well. @1:15 Love the transition there, would like to hear some vocals over that but a great sound there, Id say extend that segment and add some vocal harmonies to it. @2:11 Awesome vocals right there! REALLY like that sound! @2:37 Very good vocals - feels kind of empty though, but it picked up pretty fast - great job there.

Overall it was an awesome piece of music - I think the vocals need to be brought forward a little more and the guitar as well. Maybe some more treble on the guitar? I dunno It sounds great.. Really enjoyed it!
Thanks for the feedback man! here's mine:

Very interesting clash of different genres. Techno-metal...i kinda like it. nice little licks here and there, riffs are pretty cool. Singing sounds brutal, although a little held back, but maybe thats just the mix. I freakin hate the auto-tuning in the clean vocals parts, but thats just me....and everyone who doesnt listen to pop...so I'd say get rid of that, you'd impress many more people that way. also singing could use a little cleaning up.

overall good though, the song shows talent.
@ Silvanarix!! =)
Thanks for the epic comment - to guitarplaya161 too! =)

Thanks for the comment on the drummer, thats me hehe! =)..
The recording was done us as a band so we were using rather bad equipment =).. (The reason it sounds like it does.) However this mix is not final, we haven't got that yet from out Synth player. This was a more effect mix than volume mix, so I agree with your comments 100%.

Thanks again!
I wouldnt touch you... even with a 20 ft pole

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Really good! I liked it!
And I agree with Silvanarix about the transition, it's great, but some vocals would make it perfect.
Keep up the good work guys!

-David Ray.