ok, i'm considering buying a Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz Neck pup for my Epiphone Dot.
i play mostly blues and rock, and i'm hoping that this pup will give me a good sound?
also, has anybody here tried installing one in a Dot, or any other semi-hollow?
2009 Epiphone Dot Natural
Vox VT100 Valvetronix
I used to have one installed in my dot. It had tinny highs and muddy lows with a sound a bunch of buzzing bees.

The SD 59 and the SD Antiquity humbucker would be good choice
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haven't heard the jazz in semi-hollows. but generally in those guitars, my favorite set is the Seth Lovers. They sound really good in semi-hollows. Antiquities too. Both are a fair amount more expensive than the Jazz though.

yeah, i need one..
2009 Epiphone Dot Natural
Vox VT100 Valvetronix