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Despite the fact you paid for it.. yada yada.

What's so special and unique about your guitar that it's yours? Why is no other guitar like it?

My 'Tokai Love Rock' has a really beautiful Amber -> Wine Red burst with a really clear flame underneath which I haven't seen on any other LP with my own eyes. It's very much like this;

What makes it mine?

On mine I have changed the hardware for gold which I thought matched the burst colour and the tone knobs better than silver (I've always like gold hardware). The truss rod cover is also gold.

Next week I'll be installing some IronGear Rolling Mill pickups, so this is going to be the dog's bollocks (again with gold covers).

Mine doesn't have the pickup selector ring around the switch, I took it off alá PRS. When I took it off I chipped the paintwork a tiny bit around the switch, slightly disappointed at first but after a while I've kinda grown to like it.

I used to have a big dragon vinyl on it, which I have recently taken off (I thought it hid the flametop too much).

This was it;

Photo doesn't do the flame justice .

So, EG.. what makes your guitar uniquely yours?
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It's the only cheap thing I could afford.

Hmm, probably the thick strings to rumble in lower tunings. 8D
A couple of things: Its left handed, therefore nobody else picks it up to have a go. Another thing is the colour 'blizzard pearl', not seen another tele like it, although it is a widely available colour. It has a hot-rails in the bridge which gives it low-end unlike any other tele. the finish is a little worn on the back of the neck too. Ive only had it for a year or so so its not quite worn in as mine
hm... as satanic as it sounds, once I accidently cut my hand and I decided to smear the blood over my guitar. It's a red washburn so no difference but I know the blood's there
I've 'ebonized' the rosewood fretboard so it kinda looks like ebony, then I have a jackson gainbooster installed, the tremolo is terribly rusted and it's color worn off a bit, and then i have a "Parental Advisory" -sticker in the backplate. I don't keep the trem/spring cavity backplate on, whatever that is called.
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This is a one of a kind.
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Holy shit.
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Well I have six guitars not including the basses listed in my sig. I'll just list the things make my guitars mine.

1. Jackson RR5FR-Stripped all the ugly metallic pink paint, added a flame maple cap, Painted it trans red on top black on black/sides, Changed hardware to Gotoh hardware, Replaced pups, and Replaced frets with stainless steel
2.Squire Standard Strat-Stripped paint, Resprayed with matte black, Changed pup, Schaller hardware, Replaced Pups, carbon fiber pickguard, and Wilkinson/Gotoh VS100N.
3.Jackson DXMG-New Gotoh Floyd Rose and New Pups.
4.Ibanez S320-new pups, gotoh tuners, and gold hardware
5.Jackson RR3-Cosmo Black hardware, and pups
6.Ibanez RG350EX-Schaller tuners, Gotoh Floyd Rose, and pups.
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I've broken the neck on my les paul twice, i think all that wood glue or whatever they use has added to the tone, because its awseome
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2.Squire Standard Strat-Stripped paint, Resprayed with matte black, Changed pup, Schaller hardware, Replaced Pups, carbon fiber pickguard, and Wilkinson/Gotoh VS100N.

Can you please get a photo of this? Me and a friend are modding a strat for a friend and have similar plans to this.
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what makes them mine? the fact that I know all of their flaws, and all their good points. I make a shitty strat copy sound awesome, and on my michael kelly (massive neck) i can play it. I have small hands. A guy I know with massive hands picked it up and said I can't play this, the neck is too big. so yeah, that is what makes my guitars mine.
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When I first got my Strat, I turned my amp all the way up, and it created so much feedback that I instantly jumped up. It slapped me across the face when I did that.
On my guitar at the beginning it felt unbelievably awkward and i have extremely sweating hands so through a mix of blood and sweat it now feels perfect for me.

I have tried alot of guitars but no other feels more suited to me like mine.
the neck pickup has sunk into the cavity and while it's really quiet, it gives a really nice natural sound, i often use my pickup switch rather than change/turn off my pedals it's that awesome

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My les paul standard(plus )'s neck is so unbelievably comfortable to me. I could go play another guitar that was the exact same and it would feel awkward. Its an epiphone, but blows most low end gibsons outta the water in my opinon. I played a bunch and found the right one and fell in love. Some people say the epi pups aren't hot enough, but i think theyre great and get a killer blues tone. Thats why its mine and i love it.
I love my B.C Rich for the tone I can get out of it. It's very comfortable too.
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I love my B.C Rich for the tone I can get out of it. It's very comfortable too.

my i wrote all over my bc rich =]
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My Tele duluxe is special because I built it, and wired in a Jimmy Page style pickup selection.

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It's the only cheap thing I could afford.

This. And the fact they seem impossible to find anywhere on the internet and I've never seen another one despite it being a relatively cheap guitar (got it for $250 but most of the prices there have their stuff like $100-$200 lower than the stuff from guitarcenter so I dunno how much they'd be elsewhere).
A whole lot of bucklerash on the back. I hated it at first, but whatever. I'm not selling it, and it looks worn in now.

In my fretboard there is a little bit of discolouration that is just a natural part of the wood.

Really stands out from about the 7-11th frets on the D, G, and B strings.
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My ibanez is my most modded, i ripped off the lower end of the pickguard for no good reason except i was pissed (doesn't make a difference) changed the screws on the backplate to black, changed the neck pickup, but i forgot what it was and im too lazy to take it out to find out, i had the nut replaced with a graph tusq and schaller tuners, oh also my dings are badass and i wrote my signature in black sharpie on the back of the black finish, im also hoping to replace trem with wilkinson or other "vintage" style fulcrum cuz it aint an edge

my gibson is pretty much stock, except i wanna change the jack, and i might put in a kahler if i get that obbsessed with trems

my schecter is brand new still (well not rlly it is used) but i put in dunlop straploks, and theres some black chrome finish fading from the OFR right were it says floyd rose
Well I started sanding the back of my old Squire to give it a more natural finish... Could never be bothered sanding the rest, so it's got a masssive spot on the back with no finish
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Damn straight.

Just got my first guitar a Fender MIM going to order a amp soon to make some Gilmour noise.
My guitars are mine because I dumped more money into customizing and upgrading them than what I originally bought them for. I know what exactly is in them and how it all works, and they both make my jaw drop every time I play them. They will always be my primary axes no matter how many more I get in the future.
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I started off with a regular Gibson Les Paul Studio, aka

It became this

I removed the pickguard, took off the marking thing for the pickup selector, lost the knob on the bridge pup tone control, carved a couple of numbers into it that you can't see, and then carved that huge 'Memory' into it.

I wrote a lot of songs on that guitar, including a lot for my first boyfriend and for my current boyfriend. Each one of those songs symbolizes a memory for me, a part of my life with that person, and I wouldn't trade those memories, even the bad ones, for anything in the world.
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Mine costed $150. And people still ask me if its a gibson custom everytime i play it live. Its some random knockoff, but its mine
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The dings and scratches on my Schecter, along with the blood smeared machine heads(broken strings are sharp) and I leave all of the backplates off, either because I'm lazy, or for character - I don't know, but it's become a permanent thing.

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Most interesting instrument I probably have is my bass. It's a beat to hell Olympia acoustic with a cracked saddle, dodgy electronics, all sorts of little scratches and dings from bumping into stuff, a couple photos and a D.C. Metrorail pass taped to the side, and a Sebastian the Crab toy clinging to the "A" tuner. It's feedback-prone and perpetually out of tune and it's got the world's most uneven string response, which really reminds me of my own voice. Played so naturally from the moment I picked it up that I've never bothered buying anything else.

My Seagull acoustics look pretty road-worn and have that sound I really like, and my Backpacker has had its share of war stories (and a few small blood stains from aggressive clawhammering on rusty old extra-light strings). I haven't had my Gretsch long enough to really beat it up, but it's another one of those instruments that just felt right before I even played a note.
200(3?) Squier Affinity Strat. Bought it used from a girl that I think was trying to get rid of a present from her ex-boyfriend. Pickguard had been replaced with an off-white-ish (I guess cream) pearloid pickguard, and I've never seen another guard like it. Came with these "Chester" panted on the headstock, and a little quote on the back behind where the input jack and controls are.

Since I've had it I've drawn a penguin on the back of the headstock in pencil and wrote some quotes on the pickguard in red Sharpie. I plan to eventually sand it and write a bunch of quotes all over it in silver Sharpie to kind of match the quote that was already painted on the back. Just haven't had the time or patience to do so. Need to replace the messed up and noisy volume knob too so I can use it as a backup guitar. Actually sounds and plays pretty good.

Cassie, my '72 Tele Deluxe, has plenty of "road rash" type stuff: chips in the finish from cables and falling, scratched up chrome on the pups, scratched up pickguard, and most importantly, plenty of skin from my forearm caked onto her. No other guitar but mine has my DNA on it.
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If I can use it, abuse it, modify it and repair it without worrying about what its worth money wise then its mine. But if its a vintage guitar that I feel that I have to preserve it isn't really "Mine". So all my cheap guitars are "Mine". Whether they're my favorites or not is a different matter.
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Because PRS built this one custom for me even though at the time they weren't builting Custom 24's and it was built the year I graduated High School

Because Les Paul signed it to me.
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This. And the fact they seem impossible to find anywhere on the internet and I've never seen another one despite it being a relatively cheap guitar (got it for $250 but most of the prices there have their stuff like $100-$200 lower than the stuff from guitarcenter so I dunno how much they'd be elsewhere).
The reason they're not on the internet is because they don't exist.

There is no such thing as an Epiphone-Gibson. Epiphone is a guitar company. Gibson is also a guitar company.

There is no guitar called an Epiphone-Gibson.
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What makes my guitars mine.......

......I modded the hell out out of them.

My Jackson RR24 got resprayed with Super White paint/Black Bevels, New Hardware, and a new pup, and scalloped frets.

my American made WR1 has no major mods done to it though. (Replaced the Stock pups with SD Blackouts.)

EDIT:Forgot to mention the only stock guitar I have is the Ibanez S7420 that I got three days ago.
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Because PRS built this one custom for me even though at the time they weren't builting Custom 24's and it was built the year I graduated High School

Because Les Paul signed it to me.

Since when were they not building custom 24s ?
So far its only the names ive given them:

Yamaha - Mikaela
Ibanez - Vespa
Squier Strat (soon to be modded) - Aurora

They all end in 'a' which is kind of annoying, but the names suit them very well
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On my 50 euro eBay "Harper" guitar (black superstrat) I sanded the entire body, not down to the wood but just messed up the finish a load, changed knobs, lost the trem bar, lost the pickup selector knob, painted the bridge, removed the backplate, painted the middle pickup cover with 1 coat of red paint which has mostly rubbed off leaving an awesome effect, burned the back of the headstock, cello-taped a match to the back of the headstock, sanded off the logo then wrote it back on there with a permanent marker
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