So, I'm stuck in a rut. I'd like some ideas as to where to go with the song, and just some general critique. What works, and what doesn't.

The lead at the end stops on a lame-ass bend because I couldn't think of any licks to finish it.

Critique for critique, all that jazz
The Fearsome.zip
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While im critting check mine. :]

I really enjoy the general chord progression but it sounds like its lacking something. It reminds me of a slightly more metal coheed at parts. its good stuff but keep working.
Only thing i really disliked was the clean break. I think ringing and using the jazz guitar would give it a softer tone as far as midi goes. In real life just use a small delay effect and play it as you wrote it.

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I've not listened to coheed... ever. They're just not in my library of music. Not that that's relevant, haha.
I agree with you on the clean break issue... with a jazz guitar it sounds a lot softer and allows for a more definite sounding break to the riffs that are going on around it... in my opinion, anyway.
Yes well the progressions you used reminded me of some they would do on their "Shabutie days"***. So for my ears that was a great thing. I am just inlove with your chord progression here. I really think you need to continue working on this immediately. also expand on your clean break idea later in the song. It is quite interesting.
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Expanding the clean section would definitely boost up the flow of the song. I think it works as is, but I could see how regressing back to the 1st 4 bars of that section with bass and drum back-up would help.

As for new ideas, I can't give you anything concrete here. Maybe if you use one of the lead motifs as a build-up to a new section.
Last resort for me is breakdowns. Always use them sparingly.