So I've got my POD X3 (Bean) in my 5150's FX loop, and it seems to be overriding the amp's EQ and gain controls. I get sound out, but it's about as low as a 5150 can put out, and I can turn the post-gain knob all the way up to like, 10, without it making a difference to the volume. It's the same on both channels. The POD's effects don't seem to be working either, and the sound coming from the amp sounds a little more like the crunch rhythm than the lead channel.

The POD works fine in front of the amp, and other pedals work fine in the loop, so neither are faulty.

Any idea what's going on here?
Since the 5150s volume setting occurs prior to the effects loop, you'll then need to use the volume & master volume knobs on the POD.
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