hello all!!

This is Ryan of Archaia trying to get the word out in more places to share me and my fellow band mates music, we are primarily a Metal band with slight core undertones, a lot of our influences include Darkest Hour, Trivium, Unearth, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying and many more. Since being formed in 2005, Archaia has been through many changes but keeping sight of the goals of sharing their vision of music with the world. Archaia can be found performing locally in Richmond Virginia as well as surrounding parts.

Throughout April/May we spent time in the studio putting together our first professional demo in the hopes to sign a record deal, we have been playing out heavily the last 2 years, most recently we played the Slave to the Metal festival for Fuse TV!

SO! Hope you guys will listen to all 4 tracks and please let us know what your thoughts are on the recording and the music in general!

Thanks and enjoy!