Ok so I've been working alot on technique lately, really trying to clean up my playing and make it awesome.

I've noticed that when I play an "A" barre chord shape, barring the b,g,d strings with my ring finger I am at the same time muting the high e string.
I have spent the last hour trying different placements of my ring finger that will still allow both the high e and b strings to ring fully. I thought I had finally found one, until I realised that I was then muting the a string.

Not fun.

I did notice however that I can barre perfectly and consistently using my middle finger to barre the b,g,d strings.
Should I avoid doing this if at all possible?

I was thinking for "A" shape barres lower down on the neck I can simply use all three fingers for the b,g,d strings and for barres up the neck where fret space becomes scarce I can use my middle finger.

I have fat hands (not completely fat myself, used to be but I've lost alot of it, still slightly chubby though) so this is what's causing the problem.
Muting the e-string is not at all a problem. I play barres with my middlefinger barring all 3 strings and the e-string still rings clearly. It's all a matter of preference..
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I find the a shaped barr chord much easier then the e shaped bar chord.
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Muting the high e is a very common way of playing this chord. But I have really skinny fingers and what I do is barr then use my ring and pinky as kind of a double bar, both overlapping the G string. This works great for me and it prolly would for you as well.