A few days ago my dad told me about the time he spent a summer as a roadie for The Who. He proceeded to tell me that after one of the shows, he was getting ready to go when he saw one of Pete Townshend's SGs lying around with the night's set list taped to the back. He asked one of the other guys if it ways okay to take it and they said it was fine because the band had already left. It almost killed me when he then said he didn't because he didn't want to pay the money to ship it home. Imagine that as a family heirloom!

Any of you guys have experiences of something like tbphis, or any other kind of story about that ever elusive guitar?
The guitar probably was too worn out so they just left it there. Still, it would be quite nice to have such guitar in a collection.

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Well, I've had a somewhat similar experience, but it didn't involve an actual instrument. I was going to see Megadeth this March with my dad and we were walking to the Hard Rock Cafe right around the corner from the Ram's Head Live. I noticed the two people walking in front of us looked a lot like Shawn Drover and David Ellefson, but I thought it was just because I'm hyper and excited for the concert. Turns out, it was them.
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that would be undescribable. my lord.

well i found out my crazy aunt aparently was involved with paul mccartney while she was a journalist in her youth. i have never belived my dad but he says our family has the new paper articles and photos around somewhere. i have yet to find them. i hope they werent thrown away or lost (we have moved/sold houses etc in the past few years).
Mine isnt that good because the guitar isnt expensive but none the less it is the guitar that got away and when ur 14 with no reliable income stuff is expensive.

I remember i was in GAK (Guitar, amp and keyboard Center) in brighton when this preowned PRS SE Santana really caught my eye and i remember i really wanted to buy it but the guy in the shop wouldnt give me enough money for the guitar i wanted to trade. I wouldnt leave the shop cause i wanted the guitar soooooo badly but closing time came and i had to leave.
I suppose one would be when a local seller was going to sell me his American Vintage Reissue Jag for 1/3 of the price new.

To be honest I didn't see it or play it, because I couldn't raise the money/organise collection before I left London, but that would have been a great buy if it was legit. That said I love my MIJ so it's not the end of the world.
I've lost count of the number of times I've come close to buying some fantastic guitar but in the end not quite made it. Biggest one was a '54 Gibson LP Goldtop that I did put a downpayment on, but it got stolen before I paid any more. Eventually they recovered it but by that time I had had more time to think about the price and I decided to cut my losses and leave it. The only one I really regret was an original '80s Kramer Richie Sambora guitar, signed by Richie himself, that I picked up, played, loved, checked my bank balance and was £400 short for. I was told they wouldn't put the guitar on hold for me, it was first-come-first-served so I raced back home, started working out what I could do to raise £400 ASAP and by the time I had, it had been sold. That one really bummed me out, never found even the Kramer reissue Jersey Star since then, let alone an original Sambora model.
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my mother owned a 1960s rickenbacker....passed down from her father, when i was growing up i learned on it for a while, and when i graduated, joined the navy, i assumed i'd be able to have it passed down to me??? HELL NO! they sold it to someone for a fraction of the value which was 5k in 1997! could have been a heirloom not NO! they had to sell it cheap to some dude at a church.