As most of you know false chord screams sound great but come with a catch and that is that you can't hold em that long.
I want to know if there is a technique for screaming for about 15 seconds straight.
And no i won't learn fry it sounds really weak and you always have to have a mic with you cause you are pretty much whispering.
thanks for those that can help.
Nah, most you'll ever get is 8 seconds.

Also, I don't like fry but I can do it and I can assure you it's just as loud as my false chord, you're simply bad at it.
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Really loudness is not an indicator of ability when it comes to fry. Some of the better fryers are not the loudest. Still don't get how Howard Jones makes his fry screams sound like he is the size of a semi but meh..

I see fry as just another weapon in the arsenal, and one that can deliver a lighter tone for songs that may not be as brutal. I much prefer the false chord though.

to answer the question though: doing lots of cardio helps, as does technique. Hold that belly out as far as it will go while you do it and you will last longer.

Edit: thats what she said...

double edit: A quick test of my false chord scream was about 10 seconds but I have more lung capacity than most.
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