seems the point

that very very sharp point that is all the press is fond off
backed by public school education

makes a mockery of communication
and whispering sonnetts in your girlfriends ear
is but a dream pardon the pun
I dont get it TS, what are you on about?
Thor! Odin's son Protector of mankind Ride to meet your fate Your destiny awaits Thor! Hlödyn's son Protector of mankind Ride to meet your fate Ragnarök awaits

E-ARCH NEMESIS of girlgerms007
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I'm now so drunk that even if my mom had given me a blow job at aeg 2, i'd be like I'm a pmp, butches.!

If this even madkes sense... if yhou sig this, Iw ll kill you.
Reading that post I think they should cut back on military spending and spend it all on education.
What the...

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
the advantage of a english being your 2nd lang is not shootin yourselves in the footeee