i'm looking for a tremolo bridge for my bc rich warlock and i'm wondering if any bc rich trem bridge will work? and also can you recommend one?


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What kind of bridge does your guitar have at the moment? If you want to fit a trem on it it will likely require routing the body. I know there are some trems that fit over the posts of stop-tail bridges (I think) but I don't know if any of them would fit a Warlock and if they did theywould be more like bigsby trems, you wouldn't really be able to do any cray floyd rose stuff with them
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Ok, this is my advice, you may take it or leave it:

there isn't much point in getting a new bridge for your BC Rich. It's got a fat neck (unless you've got some kind of weird thin neck on it some how some way) By the time you've bought a decent tremolo bridge, you will have paid around $60 - $70 for a good one. For a bit more cash, you could get yourself a new guitar that will be better for the type of music you like and will incorporate a tremolo bridge.

What kind of metal are you into? from your other posts I can tell you're into Megadeth and Metallica...

If you like Megadeth, I'd try and get yourself a Jackson, always good if you're on a budget, and they're the best friend of any thrash metaller, one of the cheaper ESPs, maybe one of the cheap Ibanez guitars (or one of the more expensive if you can afford)

You might even look if you can get a good Dean. I would reccomend you buy second hand if you're on a budget.

You don't have to take this advice to heart, I just think the instruments I suggested would be better suited to the style of music you play and more comfortable to pla for long periods of time. I am suggesting this purely because I think you would be better off paying for a new guitar altogether rather than buying expensive parts for a guitar that will not meet your needs as good as the other types of guitar available to thrash metallers.

If I were you, I would do yourself a favour and get yourself a totally awesome thrash metal guitar that will make you happy forever
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