Let's say in theory that someone has a new amp because it has a wonderful clean channel, but does not provide the kind of gain desired for much heavier music.

Let's also say that this person is in a band that plays a few songs that require T3h Br00talz!1!1! What would be a highly recommended distortion pedal.
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agreed i just got a marshall vintage modern 2466 but it doesn't have the kind of distortion i want to play in a semi-metal band
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The obvious choice would be a Boss Metalzone Or MetalCore, which are both very good.

Or, you could try something from behringer, who make cheap, but good pedals. I've got a "Super metal" SM-400 That I've had for a while and it's pretty decent for the price tag.
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you really cant go wrong with boss.

Uh.. yeah you can.
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you could try an mxr fullbore or distortion III

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I'd say a BOSS Metalcore... I just bought it yesterday, and gave my amp that jump of distortion I wanted, with some tweaking, you can get a wide variety of distortions.
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NO! Blackstar HT-Distx!!!! LISTEN TO ME

I second this.

You can go horribly wrong with boss, in fact, it happens to many people all the time.

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NO! Blackstar HT-Distx!!!! LISTEN TO ME

Third this or a Wampler Triple Wreck
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Well, all fail aside, let's list some good pedals...

Barber Dirty Bomb
Homebrew Full Metal Jacket
Hardwire TL-2
Wampler Triple Wreck
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Wampler Triple Wreck, Barber Dirty Bomb, and the Emma PisdiYAUwot are probably your best options
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I use an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost and it gets pretty heavy.

What music are you going to play? I'll put up sound clips if you want them.
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Well, all fail aside, let's list some good pedals...

Hardwire TL-2
I bought this to replace my Metalzone after it died. Same price, but much better sound.
If br00talz and crushing is what you need then definitely check out the MXR Fullbore Metal. I bought it about 2 weeks ago and i love it

only downside is that it is for some reason extremely high on treble, so i tend to keep mine just very very slightly above zero. (quite a sensitive eq)

its packed with features (noise gate, freq. control and scoop switch) and comes in a practically bulletproof steel case, so i think its pretty damn good value for money. previously id been using a boss ds1 (ages ago) and then the distortion on my korg ax3000g multi effects, neither of which i liked, the fullbore beats both hands down. Its probably more suited to modern sounding metal, but it does put a big grin on your face
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I use a Rocktron Rampage, and its pretty brutal

I was watching demos of the Rocktron Zombie and IMO it sounded a lot better than the Barber Dirty Bomb...
You can have a Boss Metalzone modified by Keeley Modifications so that it has similar sounds to a Diezel amplifier. You can also do the MT-2 Sustainia Tri-Gain Mod or get someone else to do it here.

If you don't really have a budget I'd suggest the Toneczar Openhaus, OKKO Dominator, EMMA PisdiYAUwot, Menatone None More Black, Tone Freaks Severe, Suhr Riot, Barber Dirty Bomb, HomeBrew Electronics Skull Crusher, AMT Electronics S-1, Mad Profressor Mighty Red Distortion, MI Audio Crunchbox, Wampler Triple Wreck, Plextortion and the Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde.