I have a 1975 Peavey Classic 4x10 50 watt combo, and since the speakers are shot, so I removed the chassis and now I am making an actual head. I played it through a 4x12 and it sounded really nice, but I had it about as loud as it will get before the solid state preamp makes it sound like poo, and this volume is just enough to work in a band situation. My question is does a 4x12 cab put out much more volume than a 2x12? I'm looking a get a 212 for ease of transporting it, but I dont want to take away any more volume than I have to. (I still would mic it up during gigs)
Same volume - just fuller with more speaker. If you're mici'ing, then the number of speakers is moot.
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technically they say each additional speaker adds roughly 3 db of volume each but your ear won't detect much. Like 667 said, a 4x12 will push more air, have a possible lower base response and generally project better.

However, most would concur that a 2x12 works fine for gigging and transporting a lot.

I have an Avatar 212 with Celestion speakers but I do not gig.