So, I recently had a thread asking for crazy effect pedals, and was suggested dwarfcraft. After visiting the site, I got immediate GAS and found the pedals very, very exciting. http://www.dwarfcraft.com/Synthesis.html I found the demos helpful and hilarious. I'm planning on getting the Hax and the Thumping Double Square Snakes off of musiciansfriend. Since I hadn't heard of this brand before, I'd just like to know if anyone has had any experience with them. This could also be an "Official Dwarfcraft Thread" if it gets to that, I guess.
So what do you all think about them?
It's our old pal, Aen! Loved this guy's pedals for a long time. One day I'll get my hands on a Dwarfcraft Shiva.
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well his builds were brutally dissected at freestompboxes.org and $180 for another one of them starved fuzz pedals with questionable build quality is ridiculous.

I looked up dwarfcraft on freestompboxes.org and all i found were a bunch of guys talking about the schematics of the pedals and some guy who screwed up a little on making his own great destroyer. And for the money, I just like the sounds they make . I looked up a lot of different products and was most impressed by these.
All i really want is something that'll make me sound crazy. I was gonna get a moog ring modulator, but then I looked up these things and liked them better. Also, if they end up being crap can't I just get my moneyback from musiciansfriend and send them back?
check out deathbyaudio as well.
the tsa is a nice make your other pedals go craycray
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Quote by nightraven
yeah musiciansfriend have a good return policy iirc. wonder how on earth he managed to get his stuff sold on there. devi ever probably sorted that out.
meh, not my kind of pedals, especially when the builder is relatively new at making pedals themselves.

Alright well i couldnt view without registering, so i tried to register and kept screwing up on the confirmation code so i'm locked out for a little while, but i'll take your word for it. Speaking of Devi Ever, though, what do you think of them? I took a liking to some of their pedals, too.
The Eau Claire Thunder looked really good, but I could only find one shitty clip from the builder himself and for $250 I could buy basically any tried and true fuzz.

SO that idea got scrapped.