I recently purchaced a Vox AC30C2. I know that this amp is pretty basic and renound for its ability to produce brilliant pure tones and any natural distortion that can gotten from it has somthing to be desired in the way of tone for the time of music I play so I am wondering what would be the best distortion pedal I could use with the AC30 and my Les Paul Junior. I am looking for a distortion pedal that could provide Green Day-Foo Fighters-like tones.

Any suggestions?
Fulltone OCD.
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OCD is tits, but it will cost you over $100. Unlike some other od pedals the OCD is very usable with with the drive up, nearly a distortion pedal but also an amazing od pedal. Tube screamers and ts clones tend to have less usable drive and are better matched with a good crunch channel. You can also try to pick up a Fulltone Gt500, it is overdrive and distortion. Check some youtube demos of pedals if you can't try them out in person, you'll probably hear what you are looking for soon enough.

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Price range?


I recommend a MI audio crunch box, it's very good pedal for it's.
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Thanks, I checked out some demo videos of the OCD on youtube. Its amazing. Thats exactly the sound I had in mind.