Hi, so I bought a mg50 fx and read a bit abou it after (I know I should have before) an realised that it wasn't a good amp at all. The thing is, with three different mg 50 fx, the ****ing input for te guitar wire fell off in the amp and all I had was an amp with a hole in it but no jack to insert my guitar wire...I hope you get what I mean but anyway now I'm going to go get my money back for it because its unacceptable that it broke 3 times and now I'm looking for a new amp, but I fell like its too broad and dont really know what to look for. I play metal mostly in flames, maiden dark tranquillity, tool, soad, at the gates etc... in other words I pla different types of metal and I'm looking for a good practice amp and i'm also going to use it a little bit to jam with a bass and a drum and i'm willing to pay from 300 to 450.. if anyone can help I would greatly aprreciate