Hey Guys,

I play an Art & Luthrie Cedar Antique Burst, LOVE the guitar. Well I'm on my second set of strings and I don't like them, I'm well aware that I've just got to try strings and see what I like, but am hoping to try 3 or 4 options rather than buying out the store

Anyways the guitar came with some godin strings, I liked the tone of these but they went off REALLY REALLY quickly.

I next tried the Elixer Nanoweb stirngs, and they're just too bright and "jangly". They haven't gone off yet, but I'm not exactly happy with the tone.

So as for the tone I'm looking for I want a well rounded tone that balances the low end with a clear nuanced high end. I more or less want to run right down the middle of the road, if 1 was base on a scale and 10 was the high end, I'd like the tone to be a 6 or so...

So any ideas on a few options to try?

Thanks in advance
My Gear:

Guitar #1: 1997 Fender MIM Strat
Guitar #2: 2007 Epi SG (G-310)

Effects: Roland DS-1 Distortion (for switching in distortion quickly, NOT cause I want a "l33t brootalz tonz!")
Amp: Roland Microcube
Hey BMGfan, you've got a really nice guitar there. For the strings, i think most people like D'addario and martins. I personally like the Martin Eric Clapton strings. From what i hear, it sounds just a bit bright maybe 7.6 on your range. When you have played the strings and broken it down a bit it will sound really really nice. I think based on your scale from 1-10, from what i hear it falls right in the 6 range?

I also tried the d'addario phosphor bronze ages ago. I can't really remember how it sounded but im pretty sure that i also liked how it sounded. There's also this Martin Silk and Steel. I haven't personally tried this one but almost everyone here in UG who had tried it says it gives the warmth they need. I also got a friend who had tried it and really really liked it.

From the older posts that i have read here in UG, some people say that some strings sounds good on a specific guitar. I have a friend who's guitar is just a model above mine. His guitar is all solid wood and mine is just a solid top, the guitars both have spruce top and queensland maple but when he puts Elixirs in his guitar, it doesn't sound as bright as when i put Elixirs on my guitar.

I guess you just really have to try everything. Im guessing that you live somewhere in america so strings wouldn't be that expensive. It would really be helpful for everyone if you found something that you really like to post it here in UG and share it with everyone.

Goodluck man hope this helped.
I tried the Martin Silk and Stel and they lasted only 2 weeks. I only fingerpick for about 1hr a day, so if you play more than that or strum they'll probably last less than that.

Next I tried D'addario PB. They are solid strings, but I find them too rough for fingerpicking. They probably work fine for strumming. I have used their nylon strings in the past and always found them to be solid strings if unspectacular.

I just put on a pair of DR Sunbeams. They feel better than the D'addarios to me. They are not as bright but that may be a good thing depending what you are looking for.
D'Addario are a good, solid company that make some pretty darn good strings. I used them for years before I started to venture out to find the tone that was going to work best for my current guitar of choice. They last a decent length of time for uncoated strings, and have a good sound for that while.

I found that DR strings sounded dead out of the pack, to me. Maybe I just had bad luck with them, as I know some people swear by them, but just not a string I ever had a good experience with.

John Pearse strings have a good, mellow tone to them that you might very well enjoy. I usually got about 2 weeks out of them before they started to turn south. Again, they were good strings that many swear by, just not my cup of tea.

Martin strings, the SPs in particular, are some of the best sounding strings I've come across. The only issue is that they have never lasted very long for me. In august, Martin is releasing a set of SP Lifespan strings that use the same EMP coating as Cleartone strings. If they last and sound as good as the original SPs, they would be worth checking out.

That brings me to Cleartone strings. They are coated, but they feel as though they were uncoated strings. I find that they have a very even tone to them, not too bright and not too mellow; and no range seems too dominant over the other. They are about as expensive as Elixirs, but they also last about the same length.

If the Martin SP Lifespan strings don't do it for me, I'm going back to the GHS Lawrence Juber Signature Bronze strings. I found these strings gave me the best tone on my guitar. They gave a rather even tone, with just a little bit on the brighter side of the spectrum. They lasted me little over two weeks, and they felt amazing for the whole while that I used them.

Another set I tried for a few weeks was Dean Markley HD Helix strings. They are a newer set that uses an eliptical winding that is supposed to improve them all around. They lasted, had a fairly decent tone, but they felt much more tense than your average string. As well, they had an odd feel to them overall. They felt a bit rougher than your average string, but it was still easy for me to slide around, which to this day confuses me.

Anyway, that's my 10 cents.
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