so this is my first les paul and i have a few questions im looking for help with.

1. is it ok to take all of the strings off to clean the fretboard?

2. when tuning, the G and B strings tend not to change at first and then there is a high pitched twang and the string changes tuning in a big step sometimes throwing out the sest of the strings. can i fix this?

3. If i turn the volume of my rhythm pickup off and leave the volume of my lead pickup full then put my pickup selector switch to the middle should i still be able to hear the lead pickup? because i have to have both volumes up to get any sound like this.

thanks in advance guys
1. Yes, just don't leave them all off for an extended period.

2. That's just the strings stretching and breaking in. After about 30 minutes of hard playing and bending, they should be good to go.

3. As far as learning the controls of a Les Paul, I have a link ill send you in PM. It tells you everything.
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1. Yes

2. Try stretching your strings.

3. No. I couldn't tell you why, I can't remember why it's like that. It has to do with how its wired.
1. yes, electrics are designed to be able to do that

2. next time you change your strings, take a pencil and rub some of the graphite onto where the string would sit, that will lube it up so that the jumping when tuning doesn't occur so much

3. the middle or your pickup selector is probably both pickups, or the inner sides of them, so yes you should be able to still hear the lead pickup, although idk why you would do that since its not really accomplishing anything.
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Could be your strings slipping.

Are the strings tight around the pegs? I usually go for 3 or 4 wraps. Strings exert about 15 pounds of tension on the neck. If the strings are slipping suddenly then the pressure exerted by the strings could be throwing the rest of them out of whack. It could also be the same thing happening but at the bridge instead of the neck.

Not sure about the pickup issue, I've never had a problem with my LP.
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I have an LP and in my experience

1. Yes and it's important to keep the neck from getting dry

2. What TheLifeguard said ^

3. That's the way mine works... whichever is the lowest setting(volumewise) determines the overall volume output