Hey all

Here's another one. Its pretty short but I really dig the time signatures and the main riff melody line. Tell me what you think

its good man, i dig the time changes too and the melody was very good, but it seems like you just wrote two riffs and then arranged them lazily. the progression is kind boring to,
D-F-C-G-F-C repeat. good though man, good.
I love hte intro guitar. It is pretty complex but still works very very well. also cant believe you took the time to put the effect on the guitar like that haha did that take a while?? I agree if you want to make it real badass put a few more sections in there to spice it up. but i love the clean guitars and the keys. keep it up dude.


pretty neat song, however exactly what about this song makes it progressive and experimental?
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Very cool.

I liked how you linked the main riff with the intro in Bar 32, it's nicely done.

Intro pt. III is tricky. I like the idea of the keys, but I think they're playing too many notes for too long. The triplets work nicely as an opening, but after that I think they get too much and don't fit with what's being played underneath.

The fade out to the Break in Bar 43 is superb. The solo is alright. There's nothing wrong with it but I think it sounds too similar to the main riff.

The Intro to Bar 69 is nice, and I think the keys work much better here than they did in Intro pt. 3. The keys fading out in the End part is awesome.
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