I just started singing recently, and I really want to improve. I've been playing guitar for a while, but never sang. I've made a few covers so you can get an idea of my vocal range, and my skill (or lack there of). I already know I'm not a good singer, and that's why I'm here... I'd like any tips or helpful words.

Karma Police
Starts off weak, but I pick up a bit a minute or so in.
I'm going to redo this one too... 'cause I feel I can do better. I've sung through a few times so I think I can do better...

Again, starts a bit weak...

Same deal, picks up a bit

Thanks for any replies... and I'm looking forward to any help/hints/tips/excersizes that'll help me progress!

edit: I like Guarenteed best, then Creep, then Karma Police.
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if you listen to the song constantly, and pay close atention to every time he lowers or raises his voice, you vocals will improve incredibly.
Thanks for the reply... but do you have any reccomendations that I can actually use in practice? What how can I physically improve my voice? It sounds like you're just telling me to know the song really well.
One word to help you improve greatly: Confidence

You have picked a style that suits your voice quite well however you are not singing the songs. With singing you really need to go all out or it comes off flat. I don't mean belt or anything ridiculous to songs like these, but you have to put your heart into. I strongly suggest you rerecord these guys and feign confidence as much as you have to.

The pitch problems and voice breaks will fix themselves with time and lessons should you truly want to get the next level.

Decent stuff man. And I state that in a good way.
Cool. Thanks! Yeah, I find even with these songs that I pick up and gain more confidence the further into the song I get. But tomorrow I'll put some time into re doing the covers I already posted, and I'll think of a few new covers to do and I'll post them here!