I LOVE using them, but I don't know anyone else who does, lol. Is the younger generation of players shifting away from barre chords, or do I just not know enough guitar players? Just wondering =]
Well, I think it's a matter of more musicians going for a heavier, distorted sound. We all know a barre chord does not sound good through a lot of distortion because there are so many extra notes, so a lot of musicians are using stripped down chords instead of full barre chords.
you dont know enough players who have the balls to do anything aside from powerchords ...

Though if most of the people you know are metal players then I'm not suprised because in a heavily distorted metal style chords are just too much to handle hence power chords tend to be common. Hell I myself use them most of the time.

Though it is worth mentioning that a powerchord isnt a chord its actually just the root and 5th interval derived from a full chord
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It's not technically a chord, but it will still sound like one regardless. You can do a 'power' chord on 6 strings and it'll still sound like a chord - seems like you're just being picky.

Either way, i guess the first person was right - lots of people using distorted tones nowadays. I think quite a few indie bands still use barre chords, as do jazz musicians obv. I personally love em.
It's because we like gain, and lots of it.

I am really fond minor 6th chords though. Sounds very evil.

EDIT: You gotta inversionize a diminished chord to the supertonic... wait... wut?

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