Is one guy doing voice and one guy doing guitar? Or is one of you doing both? I don't know.

I thought it was excellent. The singer needs to work on increasing his range a little bit, it sounded like he was straining on some of the higher notes, but other than that everything sounded great.

Crit mine? (original song)
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I personally don't like when the one guy gives the back-up vocals. I like the main vocalist's voice, though. So, to sum it up: Guitar was great, vocals were very mellow and calming (Great!), but back-up vocals were a bit off.
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Its pretty good, but sometimes your harmonies don't exactly agree. And yeah, your singer should work on increasing their range. And is someone tapping something on a RockBand drumset in the background, lol? That actually sounds kinda cool in the background once in a while... Its actually very interesting to hear stuff done on a RB Mic. Yeah, good work.

Crit mine plz? Its a cover of the song Plush by STP:
THe vocals sound a little thin at times. I do like the back up vocals although it sounds like it's quite there sometimes (pitch wise). The guitar is very warm and played well. Nothing to really nit pick at. If you find the time please crit. my cover of black gives way to blue. (First song)

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