Ok, so even though I'd love to have a Peavey JSX or 6534+, the fact that I'm a kid with no steady job pretty much shatters that dream. I currently have a Crate GT212, and it's clean sounds really good with my Boss Giga-Delay, but the distortion channels on it blow. I have a Boss Metal Zone I bought off a friend, and it sounds alright, but the highs are just too piercing for my liking, I have a hard time getting my amp to cut through a mix with it, and it's not versatile enough for me. Can someone help reccomend me a pedal that can produce a good, versatile, cutting distortion sound until I can afford a better amp? I need something that can range from Brand New or Say Anything to A Day To Remember or Killswitch Engage. Thanks
see if you can add an extension cabinet to your amp. i have a 2x12 amp and when i do that, it sounds a million times better. but, a new amp would be better. i was never a fan of the metal zone... infact i've never found a distortion pedal that i remotely like other than the mxr fullbore metal.