I have a Yamaha BB415, and I don't play it anymore, and I am really considering making it a fretless. I have no use for it as it is now, but I love the sound of fretless basses.

So UG, thoughts/tips/warnings I should know incase I decide to go through with it?

Thank ya kindly .
Thanks for the suggestion Otamot, I haven't decided anything yet for sure.

Thanks Royal, that's really helpful!
I defretted my Peavey Milestone, and upgraded basically everything on it, including the original finish from transparent red to a nice solid black.

I followed Royal's guide on how to defret it, it worked excellently. so follow his guide and you'll be fine. Just make sure you have the right tools, and the patience. also be VERY CAREFUL when sanding the nek down to get rid of any chips, you want it as level as possible or else it'll sound terrible once you're done.