Whenever I play, my little finger is always tucked away underneath the fretboard, which I know is a problem because I can't utilise it properly. What are some good exercises to practice to help get that finger more over the fretboard rather than underneath it?

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I'd say do some finger-per-fret exercises just to get used to moving it really
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I'd say do some finger-per-fret exercises just to get used to moving it really
I still use it heaps, but it's not out in the action enough, it's just hiding away until it's needed, so it moves around a lot when I do use it

What's weird is I tried to do the 1234 exercises while trying to keep the finger up, and I noticed that is just withdraws from the fretboard and I don't even feel it, it does it on it's own, i can only notice it's doing it by looking at it, so that makes it really hard to keep it up
I think i know what you mean. It's really just a habit more or less. I hate how mine is so far away from the fret board but it isn't too much of a concern.

I'd say you would have to retrain your finger, so start off really slowly with an exercise such as the chromatic 1234 and teach that finger whos boss!

-Good luck!
sounds like you dont do much in the way of proper finger exercises, search the net and you'll find plenty of basic ones that will help you
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It doesn't "do it by itself" - it does it because you've never trained it properly in conjunction with the other fingers. You're letting the movements of your other fingers overly affect your pinky and what you need to develop is called "finger independence". Try the exercises outlined here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvhZ80OsuTQ

If you're doing bends and stuff it's not such a big deal, but normally the pinky should be ready for action - not more than a couple of cm from the fretboard at least.
I would also recommend Guthrie Govan's idea of running the standard chromatic exercise but cutting down on the amount of time you spend working on the stronger end of your hand like this:


Or similar, basically just cut down the amount you spend on the 1-2- and 2-3- combinations in favour of focussing on the weaker combinations.
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