1) Ibanez GRX70DXJ Jumpstart including ibanez amp
2) Ibanez Electric Guitar GRX-140+Marshall MG10
3) Ibanez GRX20+orange Micro Crush PiX
3) Yamaha Pac012+orange Micro Crush PiX
4 ) AXL Badwater AS-820+orange Micro Crush PiX

which combination you like?and suitable to beginner
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First, how much money do you want to spend?
What kind of music (artists and genre's) will you be playing?
What other gear do you already have?
Will you be gigging sometime?
Judging by your posts you are just starting out so you might want to disregard that last question.

Basically everything britishsligean said.
i am a beginner in electric guitar
genre i am not sure but i state the song i like
-incubus- sick sad little world
-Steve Vai - For The Love Of God
-Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil
-Orianthi- According To You

the combination i state is my budget....
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AXL's are good for the price. Nothing fancy. They're probably better than something along the lines of a lower-end Ibanez, but it will probably be pretty close to that of a Yamaha. AXL is pretty unknown.
first choice is ----Yamaha Pac012+orange Micro Crush PiX
2nd----------------AXL Badwater AS-820+orange Micro Crush PiX

anything i need to know when i buying my first electric guitar?
axl badwater, my local shop stocks AXL's there good for the money IMO what exact model?? the lp or tele ?? ive personally sat down and played both, id choose either, compared to the other guitars in your first post, it seems like the most intermediate guitar.
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When I opened this thread (And even once I read it) I thought you were posting combinations you liked and were asking others what combinations they liked. (I was going to say my Gibson 335 copy in a Fender amp!) Please be more specific when posting.
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