You're a great musician dude. I love the vibe of this song. I listen to your constellations song all the time too lol.
This is awesome. I loved every second of it, everything worked to perfection. Although there are a lot of different parts, the arpeggio/melodic part that pops up in different sections ties it all together.

Well done.
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
Bars 1-33: Nice clean riff. The 4th and 8th chords sound somehow out of place but still very good and welcomed into the piece. Good job with that. The acoustic solo fits the clean perfectly. The following clean riff is also very good with the rest of the song, I especially like how you make slight differences every time through to keep it interesting.

Bars 34-51: Nice distorted variation of the main riff. I like the unusual chords, don't think I've ever seen them before, but they still sound really good. Only problem is there isn't any sort of transition into it. I think it would sound better if you put the drums that introduce it in bar 33 then have the guitar come in at 34.

Bars 52-74: I really like the chords in the first little bit again. The following riff is catchy and interesting.

Bars 75-82: Nice clean guitar, really nice bass. This section does a good job contrasting with the previous section but still sounding natural, however the transition into it does seem a little sudden.

Bars 83-98: I like the chords you use again, and also the arpeggios where you let it ring. However, 87-90 sounds a bit overly complex. There doesn't seem to be any sort of rhythm instrument in this section (excluding drums, obviously). There's two lead guitars and a lead bass. I think you ougtha make another guitar do low rhythm pieces or leave the bass to play lower harmonies and turn it up to really counter the guitar and make it sound much fuller.

Bars 99-114: I like the chords yet again. You do a good job with the abnormal time signatures. Every instrument here does a good job: guitars, bass, drums, all of it.

Bars 115-146: Pretty good piano piece, the 0s sound kinda random initially when they come in, but it becomes clear that they're following a pattern eventually. Overall, though, this part seems a little bland. Maybe you should put some more piano in there to make it a little more complex this time.

Bars 147-194: The woodwinds create a really peaceful scene here. I really like when they start harmonizing with eachother. I don't, however like, the china cymbal throughout this part. It's all so soft, then the china is so rough. They do a much better job in heavily distorted songs. Overall, this section is really nice, it creates a tranquil feeling which isn't all too common in music nowadays.

Bars 195-230: You do a nice job with dissonant harmonies here. The strange signature makes it much more interesting, and the china cymbal does a much better job here where it's much heavier. Really nice drum fills at the end.

Bars 231-267: I like how this part sort of alludes to your own song but also uses different instruments to create a spin on it, making it familiar, but not overused. Overall, this section does a job similar to 147-194s, creating a nice, peaceful mood.

Bars 268-283: Really energetic outro. Everything does a fine job working together here. Only one problem. It ends extremely abruptly. I'd advise having it just fade out over some time.

Overall, pretty good, pretty long, too. I'd work on your transitions, but really, you're fine aside from that. 8/10.
beautiful.just absolutly beautiful please tell me you are going to make this song.

EDIT: when the recorder comes in at bar 251 it just blew me away.
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Part 1

Clean riff- It really introduced the song and got me excited to hear what was happening next! I really liked it.

Riff starting at 34- Do you like Scale The Summit? Cause that really reminds me of them I can't put my finger on the name of the song at the moment maybe giants on Carving Desert Canyons

Bar 54 transistion- worked greatly!

Bar 59 Reminds me a little of August Burns Red mixed with STS two of my favorite bands haha. Man you are really great

Bar74- the sudden clean parts remind me of something Cynic or BTBAM do great job man

Bar 83- How did you get so good!

Part 2
Bar 99 the rhythm here is awesome and the overly piano was pleasing to the ears even as a midi!

115- It feels as though this is like the calm before the storm I am antcipating something huge

131 The piano part reminds me of something Chris Letchford would be playing as lead in a STS song... I can feel the storm coming as well (Im doing this as i listen)

163 Lead worked great... I guess this will have to be the storm I was waiting for haha. Again very STS!

195 The melody fit perfectly over the rhythm part here. Great Job

225 Awesome transisition section

234 Piano is great its like being taken on a ride through music

242 fits perfectly with the piano

251 Im sorry for saying this over STS... look them up if you haven't heard them I'm positive you have by hearing this haha.

268 Heavenly


That was truly and adventure lived through music. Man that was awesome. The end of Giants is what I was thinking of I just looked it up

And if you wouldn't mind C4C? It;s no where near as good as yours but I would appreciate it

Thanks for the crit man, much appreciated... now... critting as I listen:

Intro: I don't like the sound of the "clean guitar" in GP, but that's personal preference Very good section though. I REALLY like the first thing you got going on. My only problem with it is the triplets sound out of place here. Very Legend of Zelda-ish in my opinion haha. Nice Acoustic solo. I enjoy it a lot. Very calming.

Intro 2: Ooohhh. VERY nice. Very Periphery-ish with the progression. These kinds of progressions are why I like Periphery. The lead is very Periphery as well. Hell... all of it is!

LIE: See above haha. It really works VERY well.

Riffs: The drums here are REALLY good. Accent everything very well. the thing starting at 67 is great! I love it. It leads into the next section very well.

Clean Jazz: A little more ghost notes on offbeats in the drums could do wonders here.

Heavy Jazz: It doesn't really sound jazzy to me... reminds me of Motoi Sakuraba's works. VERY good stuff.

Add Lead: Very Motoi Sakuraba haha. Star Ocean-esque. It's very good. I like it.

Ambient: I think some soft rolls with the accents to the rhythm of the guitar would be

A2: Reminds me of water, honestly. Lakey Hylia from Twilight Princess. The Clarinet melody is awesome. I like what you did with the chords too. My favorite part. GREAT leads and everything. When the arpeggios come in... this is one of my favorite progressions haha. I love working these style progressions into my songs.

Periphery Section: I think the one before was more Periphery-styles. This one is very good though. The drums are more Periphery than before I noticed. Nothing wrong here.

Ending Clean: let the piano ring! It makes it sound much better and more full. I still feel that Clean guitar should be the Electric Guitar (Jazz) instead of clean.

Ending Groove: Bulb? Is this you? Sounds just like Heliovice if I have to say so myself. Especially once the pace is picked up at 259.

Ending Heavy: Epic way to end the song.

Wow. That was REALLY good. Your new nickname? Bulb. Really... you sound just like him. Now make a song that's like Totla Mad or Zyglrox and I will start to suspect you're him.

9.9/10 cause that Electric Guitar (clean) annoys me OH! And try the Rhodes instead of the piano. It's a lot smoother.

EDIT: After looking through it, I didn't even notice there were so many odd time sigs. Good job on that!
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Nice intro... I was a little skeptical of the chord in bar 5, but it led back into the original chord well.

Ah man, when Intro 2 kicks in... Can I just lay here and listen to this? Do I have to crit it?

The awesomeness lets off for a bit at bar 59... Oh, but look here at bar 67! And 75! That sounds sick.

Heavy Jazz is alright. I like the second half more than the first.

Ah, bar 147. That sounds very good on my ears. I was listening to the entire build-up, wondering where you were going with that... And wow, this guitar solo is just as amazing.

At the arpeggios section I noticed how nothing was too loud, nothing was too quiet (although I didn't know there was a piano playing too.) It still sounded perfect.

I wasn't as big a fan of the Periphery section. Just went on a little bit too long for me. The drum variation just wasn't enough I guess.

I read 'Ending Groove' before I actually got there... Now I'm excited for it...

Ah... Wasn't as groovy as I thought it would be, but those arpeggios sound beautiful.

Well yeah, that was pretty much almost perfect. Great job
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Man...before I get into things...this must have been a nightmare to tab out...

I like this! A lot, in fact, I'd love to grab my guitar and learn some of the stuff here! That's obviously a decent sign, haha.

Intro: I really like how things build up, were I to suggest anything here, it would perhaps be a light bassline to compliment around measure 22!

Intro 2: Sounds really cool, and gives a great amount of power to things! I like it!

Longest Intro Ever: Not my favorite part, but no doubt fits just fine within the song!

Riffs: Again, something that works out very well within the song, absolutely no complaints here! I love the returning theme throughout the song, it's simple, but works perfect!

Clean Jazz: This would definitely be unexpected for someone, and thus I like how it feels and transitions into...

Heavy Jazz: Really cool stuff here!

Add Lead: This part is pure awesome, very powerful, and an awesome progression. The 5/4 fits amazingly in it too!

Ambient: This sounds great and works perfect as a build-up!

Ambient 2: Continues to build things up and does a really good job, I like how things change slowly, but very solidly!

Arpeggios: Very, very reminded of BTBAM here, namely Selkies. This is a good thing!

Periphery Section: Very cool section here, no complaints!

Add Lead: Love the addition of slap bass in parts! Really helps the next part too!

Ending Clean: Reprising the theme on the piano works out awesome here! Love it!

Ending Groove: This is awesome build-up!

Ending Heavy: Very powerful and moving!

Fade Out: Normally I'm not a fan of fade-outs, but this one worked out just fine! You did awesome with this!

So overall, I get such major BTBAM and Devin Townsend vibes, it's awesome! You did awesome with this!

And for a C4C?
Sorry it took me so long to crit back. I wanted to make sure I had the time to say everything I wanted to say about this song because it is excellent.

The intro sounded reminiscent of open spaces or plains in the American West. It sets the scene perfectly with the clean guitars and that acoustic intro. The huge chords afterwards with the main melody were just awesome. The harmonies you have there are fantastic. I loved how the bass and guitars fit with each other. The drums were great on this part too. The whole thing pretty much screams Scale the Summit.

Longest Intro ever has a seamless tempo change. The drum fills were great here. The metalcore riffs that followed were really cool. I loved your use of the blues scale. The drums at bar 68 absolutely destroy. That cymbal work was an excellent idea. I liked how you brought back the intro idea too.

Clean Jazz: Great idea here. It allowed things to cool down.

Heavy Jazz: It was okay, not really as effective as clean jazz was. The meandering the guitars did at measure 88 kinda caused the song to lose its thickness and power it had at the beginning section. I do like when you return to that idea and put that melody over it the second time around.

Add Lead: If that means you're going to add a lead part, I'd leave it as it is there. I love it as it is. I like the backing the piano gives it too.

Ambient: The chugs were a good idea to counter the ethereal nature of this section. It's really soothing, but at the same time, you don't allow things to completely fall off. The section that followed was a good way to build things back up. I liked those 7chord arpeggios you gave the piano, and the return of each instrument. The addition of the woodwinds was an excellent idea, and having the guitar follow it was cool too. I didn't like the use of the china too much though. Maybe you can change that. The full layering was fantastic.

The Periphery section throws me off everytime I listen to the song. It's good by itself, but it throws off the feel of the song you had established in the previous section. This is an excellent outro idea though.

I like the return of the layering though. It was cool that you gave the woodwinds a part with the clean guitar and the piano to double the main melody. Just something to watch out for though, the melody of the recorder is out of range on the lower end. If you give it to the clarinet, then it'll be possible to play. The ending as you have it is great. I'd keep it.

As far as the Periphery section goes, it just doesn't fit with the song. I think you should scrap that section and find a way to connect into the outro.
Excellent song as you have it though.
I've listen to this song probably about a dozen times already, so I definitely like it quite a bit haha.

Intro was perfect, loved the different chords and modulation you used. I really like stuff with this kind of a happy feel. Intro 2 was pretty much flowed perfectly from the intro. Loved longest intro ever, interesting chords in there.

Riffs were good, it had a sort of metalcore vibe to it, but better then most metalcore, much more intricate. I especially liked the part at bar 67, and I really liked that little mixolydian touch you added towards the end of it; it helped it flow perfectly into the clean jazz part. Heavy jazz part was good I really liked the lead parts and the different chord voicings you used.

Add lead was awesome as well, loved the key changes. The ambient section absolutely blew my mind, definitely one of my favorite things I've ever heard from this site. Loved the chord progression and the piano work so much, it almost had a chimp spanner-esque vibe to it mixed with some scale the summit. The melody that comes in at bar 147 was pure bliss, so perfect in every way, I really don't even know what to say, it did kind of remind of zelda somewhat though haha.

Apeggios was awesome, I really how you had th guitar and piano move in contrary motion to each other for some of the arpeggios. Periphery section was a nice contrast to the ambient part, definitely had a bulb vibe to it. Lead work here was awesome as well as the chords. Transition back into the ending clean part was perfect but I didn't like how the flute was playing the melody as well, I think it would've been better if you just had the piano by itself for the first 8 bars. I love that chord you hold at bar 250, transition into ending groove was perfect. The whole outro was executed perfectly, I would've liked to have seen maybe some double bass on the drums as the energy built up but t still sounds good as it is, and the fade out was spot-on.

Overall, I can honestly say I really have nothing negative to say about this song besides the fact that the bass really just mirrored the guitar most of the time but it's no big deal, it's how this style is a lot of times. Keep up the awesome work man, I look forward to hearing more from you!