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ok, so i was recently listening to some of John Paul Jones' solo stuff, and i heard his pedal steel bass, and i was planning on making one... the only problem i have is what kind of strings would i use, would i use a regular 8 string bass strings or do they have pedal steel bass strings somewhere? i looked online but cant really find to much info on it besides JPJ invented it..

so my question is, what kind of strings would i need to get for a 8 string pedal steel bass?
Can you tell us anymore about how he constructed the bass? Pictures, etc? Is it 8 strings, or 2 courses of 4 strings?

If its 8 strings, you can somewhat easily find a pack online. I wouldnt recommend the brightest, lightest gauge you can find. (The same applies if its 2 courses of 4 in which case, it should be easier to find strings)