Go back in time, to your former self, and fix something about your past, or go any amount of time forward, and be able to see what lies in your future, and go back to the present, which would it be, why, how far back or forward, ect. There might already be a thread for this, but i couldent find one, so whatever...
To start, I would go backwards, about a month, and redo everything i did, because i have really messed myself up recently...
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I would see whats in the Future to some extent. Not all of it but what i wanna see like 18-25.

The past is the past and I have memories so why revist them?
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Id go back in time Gamble on some world cup games and use the money to buy some new guitars and amps, and pay my school expenses for this year!
I'd like to see the future. It would probably be frightening, but it will be less of a shock when it actually happens.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
Assuming no matter how far I went back, I would have the abilities to do things at my current age at the age i went back to, I would go back to when I was about 4, grab a gun, and shoot random people. The headline in the news that next day would be INSANE!! "4 year-old kills X amount of people!"

Then again, I would probably be charged as an adult in court. "4 year-old goes to prison for life!"

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